The End of a story, and the beginning of another…

It’s been a long time since I’ve started Teraalin.  I am completely done with her story. I was fun. (:

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For a different point of view, I’ve decided to go to the Dark Side. Meet Nyx Scathia.

Nyx was born to a very wealthy and influential Sith Pureblood family on Dromund Kaas. Her family has all been powerful force sensitives. Nyx does not quite have the prejudice against aliens and non-sith like the rest of her family, as she had made friends with some of her family’s slaves. She had a Sith tutor since she was very young, so she was sent to Korriban much later than her siblings. Nyx was powerful, even for a pureblood. She has a very high opinion of herself, doesn’t think much of the Sith Emperor, and could care less about respecting her masters. She still loves to kill things, and is fairly sadistic, so she’s not light side. She cares a lot about her companions, and she’s come to regard them as family, moreso than her real family. (Chaotic Evil)



Hey guys! I’m going to take a break, hopefully a short one. Thanks guys, for sticking around, and reading my story, you guys are really helpful. It’s been a year posting on my blog, I’m glad I didn’t quit, and hopefully I won’t. When I get back (maybe summer sometime?) I will up the the story production, probably twice a week so you and I don’t lose track, and anyway it’s fun to write. Thanks guys!

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Chapter 16: Leaving

*************************************Violet******************************************The door closed with a bang. I looked quizzically at Brianna. She marched me thru a dimly lit hallway. Tora and Nelson quickly followed behind. She waved her hand, and a metallic door slid open. A light flickered on. She sat me down on a grey bench. The room had a few cabinets, and bags filled with emergency supplies.

“What about my watch?” I asked, once more.

Tora leaned against the wall, her face so haggard for someone that could hardly be more than thirteen.”You should be happy to escape with your life.” She said, grimly.

I looked at Nelson, who stood at the end of my bench, and whispered, “What’s with her?” He looked nervously at me, and whispered back, “It’s complicated. You’ll be fine, though. She’s just upset.”

Brianna breathed a deep sigh. “Will you be willing to hear a  explanation?” she said, sitting down next to me. I nodded.

“Your mother used to be one of our most top agents. She was a bit too extreme and hot-headed for many of the other council members, but she got the job done.”

I interrupted. “My mom used to be an agent, for whatever this place is?” I said, a little wide-eyed.

“Yes. Her name was Naren, and she…went rogue. Long story short, we’re willing to help you. More correctly, I am. I used to work with her, and…she was interesting. Shocking, even at times, but she was a loyal co-worker and maybe even a friend.”

“My mom’s name was Naren? Not Noel? ”

“Some people like to change their names when they pick a new time to settle down in. Not that anyone done it recently, of course, but when time manipulation first was invented…” she stopped. “Ahem. The point is, I am going to help you by sending you away.” Brianna finished.

“Why? Where?” I asked, concerned.

“Wherever you want. The council and I reached a decision. If you leave, we won’t question your further actions. We won’t have to deal with you, and if you survive and find your mother, good for you and us. Otherwise, I’m sorry. Perhaps I’ll inform your mother of your demise. If she still cares about you.” Brianna said, staring at the ceiling.

I grimaced, sitting like a lump on the bench. She opened her eyes wide. I’ve got to go back. They will give you back your watch. If you hurt our operation in any way, you will be killed, no questions asked. Good luck. Tora and Nelson will escort you out.” She stood up and marched thru the door, closing it softly. Tora towered over me. For someone who could barely br thirteen, she sure was tall.

“Get up!” She snarled. “Please.” Said Nelson, blinking furiously. “How do I leave? Where should I go? Huh?” I yelled. Tora ungraciously threw me a pack from the corner. I had a bunch of labels, zippers and ties, and seemed to be of a stiff beige substance, like their clothes. Nelson spoke, “Isn’t that antique?” Tora glared at him, and he blinked faster, as if that was even possible. “It’s what we usually give prisoners, we hate tossing out supplies.” She flipped open the cabinet and handed me a mask. It was a breathing apparatus. It wrapped around your head in the back, and covered your eyes, mouth, and nose. Breathing was hard with it on, but I sounded cool. “Never take it off, or you’ll die of the terrible atmosphere we have outside.” Tora said briskly. She looked at my clothes. “Take those off. I’ll hand you a climate suit.” she said, even more briskly.

Nelson inched out of the room, shutting the door, and Tora assured me, if only slightly, that there was a law in place that they couldn’t harm there prisoners. Goodbye, smelly purple T-shirt, goodbye, too-tight grey sneakers, goodbye, black shorts that were my favorite. She tossed me a shapeless beige suit and some thick boots. The suit fit me poorly, but was pretty comfortable, and the boots were pretty big, but not impossible to walk around in. Nelson knocked on the door, came in, and handed me my watch. It practically melded on my wrist. Weird. Then, Tora unbolted a brown metal door, on the far wall, and I walked out.



Chapter 15: Awakening

I saw Pearl 99 wake up in Outer Time. She was on the floor, I having dropped her like a hot potato or a reality warping rock. Something seemed strange about her. Her eyes seemed even more cold then they used to be, like an average issue clone. I thought she was different, I guess I had just been holding out hope after Naren altered a clone for our last mission.  She had been created for a different purpose than as an InterTime lackey. A translator, a bridge between the outcasts and the company, well, more than that now. A government, military, everything rolled up into one. That clone would perhaps create enough of a gap, a diversion, for the outcasts to make their move. What that move was, I didn’t know. I hadn’t been informed. I didn’t know which clone it was, after Naren went rogue, it was hard to tell anything that was connected to her. Before she came back and ruined my life, me and several other agents (that weren’t Naren) had saved a few clones. At least the Pearl ones were the only ones in production. Cloning has been a very specific technology. But now, she looked normal. She hadn’t acted normal the last time we spoke, still unfriendly but displaying a lot of human traits. I was sure she was the one, but now, I wasn’t so sure. While I was inwardly monologuing, Pearl 99 sprung up. I wasn’t sure what she was going to do. I hoped she would ask questions, and perhaps she would reveal her true purpose, and I could get her back, somehow, to InterTime, and…I began to feel worse and worse. I had to leave.

“Don’t move.” I cautioned. Her eyes grew narrower, and she gave me a quick uppercut to the face. Ouch. Not the reaction I was hoping for. In fact, she was behaving like an average clone. Darn it. She kicked me in the shins.

“You have wronged InterTime.” She said, calmly. Ok. I was in trouble. And the head pain was about to start, for staying here to long. I flicked my fingers, everything began pulling and spinning. I didn’t want to leave her here, because there was a slight chance that, well, another ‘aberration of time’ could be created. Moments, perfectly preserved, of people, places, and things, moment when wars started, moments of families on picnics. Everything. I heard a gasp. And I felt a pain in my shoulder. Pearls hand was clenched on my shoulder. “Not possible.” Pearl said. “Oh, really?” I said, and went to a moment I had visited many times. Violet was sitting on a clear chair, in an old-fashioned looking room (around circa 2156 I think) with a council deciding her fate. “Jabra no’ct Pearl ti.” Pearl whispered, and her face relaxed. “Yess!!” I yelled. I quickly relayed plans. Half were from the document, the other half were invented on the spot by me. I would find some way to remind her always (a sort of device the replayed pictures of the Outcasts maybe?) of her origins and true loyalties. She, in turn, would give information to me, so I could come out of hiding and finally complete my mission, one agent gone of course. I wondered if they would even take me back. I hoped they trusted Violet at least. Even though her mother was who she was…

Pearl nodded after I relayed the information. She seemed different, lost in the moment. Intertime had tried to destroy her, it had clearly left its marks. As we left the moment, I noticed an icy look in her eyes, her face had hard lines in it. When we arrived back in outer time, she grabbed me by the neck with a tungsten grip…


Chapter 14: Transformation

*************************Pearl*******************************************************I woke up again. I was in a medical lab, that looked very familiar. It was where I was originally created. Or at least, realized I was alive. Two medical droids stared at me, with tiny unblinking green lights. They were medical remotes, designed for accuracy, and above all, secrecy. They didn’t seem very sympathetic to my plight. I was sitting in a comfy platform, in a sterile white room.  A shiny white cover was open above me, and one droid was scanning me, and the other droid was operating a console near my pod. The cover began to close. A brief wave of panic washed over me. I opened my mouth to speak. Then it was closed. I was apprehending the worst. Pearl spoke again, or Vanessa, whoever she was.

“Begin operations. I have programmed you with your duties. Try to ‘fix’ her, please. If not possible, at least get the data. Scrap her on my orders only.”

I squirmed. Why can’t they at least make me unconscious? To prevent damage, right. I was in stasis, now. I could feel a soft brace going around my head. I was fairly frightened, but none of it was new. When I was created. Same thing. Soon, the memory extracting device began.  It most ran by brain waves and pulses. It could, however, place questions and pictures in your head.

“Who have you met recently?” It asked. You couldn’t lie. However, loopholes are key.

I answered with a series of memories. Mostly of the two medical droids, and Pearl 1 herself.

“What do you know about time travel, or anything to do with the art of Tempus?”

And so on the ritual went. I think it was only the fact I had a higher ground of sentience (read, was completely sabotaged at creation) was the only way I could avoid the questions. A real clone would of given up the information at a moment’s notice. Finally, I heard Pearl 1 voice again,

“Go through her entire brain. I don’t care how much you destroy, as long as you get the information. We have recording of her entrance from the lab, so her compliance isn’t completely required. Of course, C.E.O. himself has all of the information. He just chooses not to share it with me.”

The pod opened. The two droids pulled of the brace. I was still stasised though. This was unnerving. I had no expectations of what would happen again. Suddenly, a bright light went off in my mind.

                                                Medical  Report:

                                             Subject: Pearl 99   

19:00 hours  Went through the base layer, did not destroy basic habits such as communication, moving, etc. NOTHING FOUND

19:02 hours Went through the mid layer. Found language evidence, extracted several sentences. That is all we could find that she had memories for.  Decided to remove all non-crucial memories. 

19:30 Complete, found words Kazak Ultimal and Violet. Nothing else can be found without destroying her, and rendering her useless. A change has been made, we have extracted their appearance as she tried to overwhelm the test with extreme amount of ….emotion, as found out by the brain pulses.  Extreme amounts that is a result of the change made by a outsider. Last attempt wiped as much as we can from her memory, and is now running the Intertime scan. 

20:08 Have significantly reduced emotions. Events will not trigger them, and logical conclusion will inadvertently be more desirable to her. She will denote them as foolish. The InterTime scan is complete. Subject now available. 

““Pearlesence 1 to Bio 25 and 26. I have read the data on InterTime’s tampered clone 99 (of the Pearl devison). She had been altered, but not fixed. You have buried her memories and all other cause of individual differences and sentience under a layer of InterTime’s original, controlled programming, but it has not been fixed. Her mind is too inflexible to reveal all of her secrets, and we can’t seem to get much, if any, of her information. The only thing I am pleased about is that you have lowered her emotional triggers and made her less resistant to InterTime ways. But that is not enough. I regret she will have to be disintegrated. Don’t worry, if in any way you are interrupted, it will still happen autonomously. Good day.” Pearl 1 called out.

The two droids pressed a button on the console.  A boy with a ragged blue t-shirt and fiery red hair came out of nowhere and destroyed the remotes, all making a tremendous amount of noise. “Friend or Foe?” I asked, weakly. Then, the gasses filled my pod. I knew nothing more.

Random Thoughts…

So, basically, I’m at an impasse. There is a lot of subjects I might want to write about, but my story take 1#. However, I am rarely inspired to write it, and I’ve been stuck at a sort of dead end. I have less time, also. All writing time cuts into my ‘free time’, so, I try to make it short. Not that I hate writing, it’s just I never have time to do it. Wednesday’s just a bad time, but I don’t want to write when I feel like it, or else I just won’t write anything at all, ever.

Reasons for not writing my story:

1# Plot/ending is complex the way I like it, however it’s hard to write that without writing out the whole thing at once…

2# Each chapter takes more than one hour to write, on a GOOD day. On a bad day, I mostly just want to play video games.

3# I love my characters, but they are too much to handle sometimes.

4# I hate taking away from the quality of the writing. I also hate contradicting myself, introducing characters or objects that aren’t fleshed out, or have any sort of plot holes. I also dislike making people confused, but I don’t like ruining the mystery, either.

That’s about it. Other ideas….

Here’s some of my writing pet peeves…

I dislike it when Villains are all powerful entities of evil without a motive than the fact they were created to be bad.

I also dislike when people are scared of using special invented terms because they would fear that people wouldn’t get their work. Example. “The dark elf girl forged a sword out of an magical iron-like substance. She named it ‘Death’s Edge’.” vs. “The tall, angular Faav’tha bent over her forge. Her eyes glittered as she pulled out the Quarite sword. Crying out in loud voice, “I call thee Favthen!” Even if you don’t learn what it means until later, it’s still a good habit. People just can look at a glossary.

Future Posts:

I was thinking of doing something like Ethan does with his Tipper Turnfield stories, only with Naren Kaye. (my Meldonia Character) She’s a street girl who despises the rich. I also was thinking about doing a paper on my favorite games, a post on How to Survive in The Sith Empire, a post on Staying in the Galactic Republic, and more about other SW stuff. I also want to continue my story, too, only…we’ll see. When I am more confident about it I will post more of it. I’m probably still going to stick to my wednesday schedule.

Star Wars, Knights of the Fallen Empire: The Teraalin Awakens…

Screenshot (407)

That’s what I’ve called that particular screenshot. Anyway, the name right there is one of the more recent expansions to SWTOR. It’s really good (story driven). The graphics also got an update. The upstairs computer can handle it, but the downstairs…not so much.

Anyway, here’s more screenshots: (mostly the reason I do this is because it’s really easy. And fun. Sorry to, I don’t know, overwhelm you)

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The Golden Watch Chapter 13: Revelation


“I’m Violet. Violet Montgomery.” I said, a little weakly.

I heard a murmuring around me. The blindfold felt too tight. If they wanted to keep me in the dark, they should of deafened me too.

“Take it off, Tora and Nelson.” The same authoritative female voice said. The two children muttered something.

“Young people these days. Always talking in Jabra…” The lady grumbled.

“What are you doing?!” I heard a voice give a piercing whisper. “It’s not safe to speak!”

“We know who she is. I am just letting her see. If she is who we guess, she won’t be much harm.”

Tora and Nelson took my blindfold off. I furiously blinked. I was in a grey room without any windows. A council of people, dressed in nondescript tan and grey uniforms sat around a clear table. They all had devices attached to their heads. My watch was sitting right on that table.  I was sitting on a grey metal bench, facing the council.  Tora still jammed her laser thingy into my neck. I looked into her stern yellowy brown eyes. Not an ounce of compassion. Her mouth twisted a little. What was up with her? Nelson stood awkwardly, about ten feet from the bench. He looked like he wanted to say something, but he kept quiet.

“Who was your mother?” The lady spoke. She had dark wrinkled skin, and white hair mottled with brown tied into a bun. She looked about sixty, but her eyes were kind.

“Noel Montgomery.” I answered. The lady nodded. “That seems likely. Last question, why are you here?”

“I’m not certain. A boy named Kazak sent me.” I decided to tell the truth, as lying would most likely do me no good.

Various expressions went around the room. Some angry, others confused, a few faces jubilant. “Hmmm…I have reached my decision.”

A man in a grey uniform broke out. “Briana, what are you doing? The council does not approve of this! We need time, perhaps even days to figure this out!”

Briana said, “Well, can I take her to a containment cell so she will not overhear anything else?”

Several minutes passed. A woman with a peculiar accent stated, “Fine. But we will be watching you. We will do anything it takes for our survival. Interrogate her if you wish.” She waved her hand in dismissal.

Brianna got up. She was not much taller than me, and I was only 5 foot 1. She walked out of the council hall and towards a tall metal door. It opened towards a dark hallway. She motioned toward Tora and Nelson. Tora gave me a death stare and followed. Nelson sighed and shuffled his feet loudly toward the door.

“Wait!” I yelled as I left, “What about my watch?”

The Golden Watch Chapter 12: Disintegration


Pangs of intoxicating power went through my system. I wanted to stay. but knew it was bad for me and everyone else if I did. Where should I go? Nothing I currently wanted to steal, no job offers, (I think) and wait a sec, I know what to do! I went closer to the power source, my heart beating faster. I saw everything that was going on. (currently on earth, this second, all places) No big deal, no time to gawk, seen it all already, just gotta see what was going on that my brain was worrying me about. I was about to take a closer look at a small detail when my arm collapsed and my knees buckled. Ok, time to panic. I closed my eyes, and waved my other (cybernetic) arm, hoping that I would go the correct place…indeed any place at all. I stumbled thru the portal. Don’t black out! Too late. My eyes closed in spite of everything else.

When I finally opened my eyes, I was relieved, I was, you know, NOT dead. I was back in a lab. Generally, labs are bad news. Nothing good to steal, unless for a job or you need special tech. And the doctors or scientists are nosy and they won’t just call the police, they experiment on you and call you an ‘extraordinary test subject’ and tell you what you will mean for the future of science and all that jazz. I don’t think that’s legal, but when a random teen just waltzes into a lab from another time, the laws are more lax. Especially when the teen’s a fugitive himself. Ok, back to the subject. I seemed to be in the same time period from when I just left. I picked myself off the floor. First things first, disable whatever security system there was. Nevermind, it was too complicated. Ok. I looked around.

Two medical droids stared at me. At least they were too boggled by my presence. (I wasn’t an easy person to get the data off, hopefully Naren deleted most of my records) I decided to go the fun way of getting rid of someone or something you found in the way: violence! I pressed a few button on my arm and pointed at the droids. They were too busy processing my existence to be afraid of what I was going to do. I shot two large plasma balls at the droids, which promptly exploded into at least fifty pieces or so. Yeah, that was over the top, cheesy, and using a couple hundred year old tech, but it’s always a laugh.

“Friend or Foe?” I heard a voice echoing from the depths of a machine. Then, before I could do anything, I heard another voice, exactly like the one that talked before. Where had I heard that voice before. Oh, right, Pearl. But her’s had so much more life in it. Clones were confusing. The other voice said,

“Pearlesence 1 to Bio 25 and 26. I have read the data on InterTime’s tampered clone 99 (of the Pearl devison). She had been altered, but not fixed. You have buried her memories and all other cause of individual differences and sentience under a layer of InterTime’s original, controlled programming, but it has not been fixed. Her mind is too inflexible to reveal all of her secrets, and we can’t seem to get much, if any, of her information. The only thing I am pleased about is that you have lowered her emotional triggers and made her less resistant to InterTime ways. But that is not enough. I regret she will have to be disintegrated. Don’t worry, if in any way you are interrupted, it will still happen autonomously. Good day.”

The voice stopped. I pondered this information. I had sensed something different about her that the other clones, but was she really worth saving? Well, she had been tampered for some good reason, as a bad person wouldn’t tamper an Intertime clone, they were already evil enough. I reasoned that Pearl was the voice I had heard earlier. Well, she was alive then, I hope she was alive now. I rattled the opaque pod Pearl was in. No answer. Darn, I hope I wasn’t too late! This calls for drastic measures. Yes, I am far too fond of shooting things. The pod shell dented, but no other effect. I then noticed a data terminal nearby, hopefully that controlled the pod.

LOCKED: DISINTEGRATING MODE. Unlock? I hurriedly scanned the data terminal and noticed a button. EMERGENCY RELEASE MODE (THIS WILL SEND A BROADCAST TO INTERTIME CORPS. Would you like to proceed? I hit yes, recklessly. The pod opened, filling the room with a bunch of smelly gases, which made my head spin. I grabbed the girl inside, hoping she was still alive. I went the only half-safe place: Back to Outer time.

The Golden Watch Chapter 11: Tampered

(Sorry guys! I wrote this on Wednesday, but forgot to publish. Sorry! )


“Pearl 99.” The voice repeated again. It was a girls voice, sounding exactly like mine.

“You speak English?” I asked, curiously.

“Of course. That is your language. There is no other language that you should know. However, InterTime corporation calls it Basic.”

I still couldn’t see her. I craned my neck. Nothing. Oh. It must be coming from some sort of voice transporter.

“Pearlescent 99, the diplomacy model made to bridge the gap between citizens and our lovely company InterTime. You also are equipped for many other tasks. Basic is the only language you need to know. I know you were only created yesterday, so you haven’t had time to learn a new language. Tell me, what language do you persist in telling me that you know instead.”

The voice was mine, but had a veiled facade of anger.  I decided to answer her in the language I knew best.

“Jabra no’ct Pearl ti.” (I speak the language of the lost.)

Blinding lights hit me in the face. A person walked in the room. Even with my enhanced sight, I could barely see her. “You poor dear. You must be very confused. Cohorting with criminals, doing tasks that you are so very unequipped for, ruining time…” She spoke condescending to me. “You haven’t had time to learn anything about the proper rules. Instincts are all you know, and being tampered with at creation never helps.”

The lights went out, then turned back on so I could see the person. Her features were exactly like mine, but perhaps crisper, and she had her light blond hair curled, reaching down to her waist like most upper class members of InterTime. She wore a variation of my outfit, except for having her titles and rank emblazoned on her uniform. “Especially being tampered with by one of InterTimes most wanted criminals; even worse that that deadly monster that you were ‘communicating’ with earlier.”

“Who?” I asked.

“An outcast agent who went missing seventeen years ago. Her name is Naren Aurum. Know her?” The girl stared at me, a small smile on her face.

“I don’t know about anything! As you stated, I was only born yesterday! Who even are you?” I said, terrified.

“You’d know me as Vanessa.” she revealed.

“Why did you do that to the past? What are you doing? Why are you ruining my life?” I screamed.

“Why would I tell you? You won’t know a thing after the others are done with you. In fact, after they have everything you know, you’ll be disintegrated like many of the other, well, defected ones.”

She wave goodbye with a little wave and a giggle, then the lights went out. I stood there, not sure what to do. I tried to move, and horrifically, I found out that I couldn’t. I was in stasis. An invisible force pushed against me, most likely controlled by Vanessa. I fell to the ground, flat. Was I going to die? My anxiety level rose. A platform, one that I couldn’t see, zoomed me off. Suddenly, I felt something in my head, and I blacked out.

“Good. She’ll be taken to the ward for processing.” was the last thing I heard.


Look Away (A Star Wars Prequel Parody)

This is just a goofy idea based on my two current interests (Star Wars, and the Series of Unfortunate Events) so yeah.

Episode I: The Phantom Menace

Look away, look away
Look away, look away
Some Jedi find a little kid who has some important powers,
Meetings on Corusant last until the small hours,
They fight an evil sith with a lot of tattoos,
There’s not much in this movie I can excuse…
Just look away,
Look away—
There’s nothing but politics and boringness on the way
Ask any stable royalty, “Should I watch?” and they will say:
Look away.
Look away, look away.
Look away, look away.
Look away, look away.
Look away, look away.

Episode 2: Attack of the Clones

Look away, look away
Look away, look away
The aforementioned kid has turned into a jerky teen,
He likes the girl who he hasn’t seen since she was fourteen,
Obi-wan solves a strange puzzle that’s about clones,
While watching this movie, there’s sure to be a lot of groans…
Just look away,
Look away—
There’s nothing but anger issues and cheesiness on the way
Ask any stable clone, “Should I watch?” and they will say:
Look away.
Look away, look away.
Look away, look away.
Look away, look away.
Look away, look away.
Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith
Look away, look away
Look away, look away
Palpatine tells Ani a lot about the dark side,
Fears about losing Padme make him commit homicide,
We polled a bunch of Jedi, 99% agree,
There must be something less violent for you to see…
Just look away,
Look away—
There’s nothing but murder and confusion on the way
Ask any stable sith*, “Should I watch?” and they will say:
Look away.
Look away, look away.
Look away, look away.
Look away, look away.
Look away, look away.
*There are none. 


Emily of New Moon: A Book Report

Emily of New Moon by Lucy Maud Montgomery, is about a imaginative girl whose father dies and she goes to live with her mother’s family, the Murrays. The Murrays are a very old and strict family, and this story is about Emily’s life with the Murrays of New Moon, her budding aspiration to be a writer, and her friends.

Set in Prince Edward Island, this book follows the story of Emily, who is smart, thoughtful, and gets into a lot of scrapes. Her and her friends Ilse, Teddy, and Perry, have a lot of interesting adventures together, and at school she doesn’t get along well with her teacher for writing poems on her slate. She loves writing and her cats. At first, her relationship with her Aunt Elizabeth is strained, but she soon learns to care for her relatives at New Moon.

The story is about Emily adapting to her new home and meeting new people.

Emily of New Moon is about a young girl meeting her relatives for the first time. She is nervous about who will take her in. She eventually stays with her strict Aunt Elizabeth, her nice Aunt Laura, and her eccentric Cousin Jimmy. The story is about her growing up, her conflict with her Aunt Elizabeth, and a solving of a mystery around her friend Ilse.

Emily and her Aunt Elizabeth don’t get along well because Emily does not act like what becomes a Murray, a very old and important family in the book.  She is extremely imaginative, to the point of shutting others out. Aunt Elizabeth has no imagination, leading her to misunderstand Emily’s various antics. Eventually, she proves to her aunt that she is a Murray, and at the threat of losing Emily to a deadly sickness, her and her aunt become friends.

The story is relatable because anyone can find themselves in a new situation.

This book is one I would definitely recommend to everyone, but girls 12 years or older would definitely appreciate this story the most. Lucy Maud Montgomery’s characters are fleshed out and interesting, and the scrapes Emily gets into are both believable, amusing, and sympathetic. The writing is also amazing. So, give this book a try!



Part 7: In the warehouse.

I was tired of all of the mysteries, the millions of questions, the suspense. I was done. Kazak had not helped me. I was in a sort of warehouse, with lumps of tarp covered objects. This didn’t answer anything. I wished that I could remain to know nothing, even as I had these questions. Knowing nothing was better than continuing to live with more and more questions. I wished it was dark, and still, and I could remain still and not get caught. “Wishing won’t help.” I muttered to myself. “I’ve got to be tough,” I told myself. I was afraid of learning the answers, afraid that the answers were worse than the questions. I bit down on my tongue, hoping that the pain would dispel the fear. Then I decided to take action. I stood up with every inch of my five foot 2 inches and 109 pounds.  I slipped off my watch into my pocket, knowing if I showed it, people might want to take it, for some unknown reason. I was guessing time travel. Was time travel normal in this time period, I wondered. First things first.

I was going to answer one of my questions, at least. What was under those tarp like things? The lumps were a dingy white, they felt like a shiny, smooth laminated paper.  I seized the paper like tarp, and it tore easily. I smelled something interesting. Under the tarp was supplies, in thin metal boxes which had bold printed names on them. Some of the names were in English, others not. The first box said, Bread. I carefully opened the small box, which had a printed instructions on the lid. 100 count, use sparingly, add a drop of Yeoni to use. Lasts 24 hours.  Inside were prepackaged pellets, and a bottle of the Yeoni, which was labeled as an water-yeast-oil mixture. Shake to use, it said.  I spent far to long studying the box of instant bread. I stuffed a few pellets of it into my pocket and the bottle of a Yeoni. I broke open another container, which held something called VatDisent, which I found out purified water. The other boxes contained things to sleep on, heal wounds, (like that Laser and Scorch mark healing pad) gels to numb pains, something called stimulants which accented your skills, and even something which was classified as a defense shield and a weapon. I wished I had brought a backpack, some of this stuff would have have been useful.

Then, I heard a banging noise. I stood up, red in the face. I knew I wasn’t supposed to open those supplies. I heard whispering in a language I didn’t know. Then, I saw them. They were standing in front of the entrance of the now opened warehouse, shouting in aforementioned language.  They seemed to be both shocked and angry, and were screaming at each other and at me. I stood up, and put my hands into the air.

There was a girl and a boy, both scarcely old than I was. The girl had short, choppy, brown hair with a blue streak to it. She wore a threadbare baseball cap that was covered with dirt and mud, and when it was new it must has been purple but now it was a pale lavender.  She had an angry face which had a few purple bruises and a small cut on her chin, and brown, yellowish eyes. She wore a nondescript gray, long sleeved shirt and loose, baggy gray pants which ended halfway down her calf. Her legs were scarred and dirty. She also wore thick soled black boots, also covered in dirt. The boy was dressed a similar way, but minus the cap and his pants were down to his ankles.  He had brownish blond, raggedly cut hair, and a scarred face and watery blue eyes that looked more bewildered than angry. They both looked rather scrawny.

The boy had stopped shouting. He instead started toward me, but the girl stopped him. The force necessary to stop him seemed to take most of her strength, and she stopped her tirade to catch a breath. The boy and the girl both stared at me. I stared at them, not comprehending them in the slightest. Finally, the girl asked something that sounded like a question. I shrugged my shoulders. The girl whipped out something and fired at my slight movement. A bolt of energy shot out of the object with a loud cracking noise. Frightened, I dived, but luckily she had fired far away from me. The boy yelled and grabbed something out of her arm, which looked small and flashy. They both conversed in scared, intense tones. I huddled on the floor, terrified and trying to be as small as possible, trying not to get shot at again. As if on cue, both the boy and the girl looked quickly at me, and started up. They both walked towards me, the small, sliver, object held out by the girl. I dared not move. The boy jerked me up, using what seemed like every once of his energy. Then, the girl jabbed the silver object, which resembled a hard drive, under my chin. “Nakl dousint.” The girl whispered, menacingly. I looked at her with wide eyes, and the boy motioned for me to go forward. The boy walked behind me, fixing some thin metal bands around my hands, preventing me from moving them and they grew tighter and more painful the more I twisted my wrists. The girl walked besides me, frowning and digging the device deeper into my neck every time I winced. We walked toward the opening in this manner. I wondered where they were taking me, whether even if I would survive the next minute, if I would get punished for taking the supplies.

My Swtor Characters

The Galactic Republic:

“For more than twenty thousand years, the Galactic Republic has been the most civilized and advanced power in the known galaxy. Governed by the Galactic Senate with representatives from hundreds of star systems and planets, the Republic has been the center of peace and progress, a bright beacon in the darkness of outer space.

The revered Jedi Order has sworn itself to defend the Republic, to battle the darkness, and to bring peace and balance to the greater galaxy. The Jedi have served for millennia in this capacity, and in that time they have earned themselves the admiration of their allies, and the hatred of their enemies.” From Wookiepedia

Teraalin, Sage:

Screenshot (18)

Teraalin is an Jedi who prefers mercy to people versus violence, but agrees that for the sake of many, she must rely on her own wisdom. She won’t spare anyone who is a murderer. She will save people if possible, but never Sith.  She cares deeply about things, and has trouble controlling her emotions.  (neutral good)

Adhara Kyleth, Scoundrel

Screenshot (21)

Adhara is a good-natured pilot who loves her ship. She is experienced, tough, but not bitter. She grew up on Nar Shaddaa, so she quickly learned her way around cities, how to use a blaster, and how to make a few credits. She loves a good joke and hanging out with her friends. She’ll normally forgive people who wrong her, but if you hurt her friends or her ship, you get the business end of her blaster.  She also likes to help out people who are not as well off as her. (chaotic good)

Serena Mystia, Guardian

Screenshot (27)Serena is a proud Jedi. She tries to live every day according to the code, in hopes one day she will be a master and redeem herself. Her mother had fallen to the dark side, so some of the other Jedi are prejudiced against her. She resents this and tries to gains favor by being overly knowledgeable and cold. She failed in training her padawan, so she was disfavorably sent from the planet to learn compassion. (Lawful Neutral)

Jaylex Striker, Sentenial

Screenshot (34)

Jaylex is the son of Adhara. He is very active and he loves to be snarky. He wanted to be a smuggler, but he turned out to be force sensitive so he was sent to train with the Jedi. He has yet to learn patience, and his master, Serena, was too cold and unfeeling and would hardly speak to him, so he was dissatisfied and tried to run away.  He was eventually brought back, and got a new master and Serena was sent away. He is sometimes is bitter and selfish, and doesn’t believe in the Jedi code. (Chaotic Neutral)

Raiya, Trooper

(not sure about her appearance yet, I like both of them, comment which look you like better)

Screenshot (32)

Screenshot (33)

Raiya is a young Twi’lek who’s had a rough life. Born on Tattooine, her parents were slaves to Hutts. Soon they died in a horrible accident and Raiya was going to be made a slave to pay off her family’s remaining debt. She escaped to the deep part of Tatooine in a small shack where her grandparents lived and she lived there for a while, and she found a small togruta child whose parents had been exiled to Tatooine for a crime that they didn’t commit. They had died of exposure, and the little togruta girl was on the verge of death. She nursed her back to health and they became like sisters. A few years later, when she was nineteen, Raiya went to Anchorhead to pick up much needed supplies when she was kidnapped by the Hutt who had threatened to enslave her. She was shipped off to work for the Empire. She was treated horribly, and eventually the Republic rescued her and offered her a job in the military after seeing her neat fighting skills against her cruel captors. She bears a grudge against the Empire, and the Hutts, but she would never hurt a civilian. (Chaotic Neutral)

The Sith Empire:

The Sith Empire is a force of dominance, an authoritarian state forged from militarism, slavery and the dark side of the Force. United under a single Emperor and his Dark Council, ruled by the Force-sensitive members of the Sith Order and supported by countless loyal citizens, the Empire forsakes the freedoms offered by the Republic in favor of strength and order. Aiming to take revenge on the Republic for its exile centuries ago, the Sith Empire will stop at nothing to become the greatest power in the galaxy. Although an uneasy truce has settled over the galaxy, the Empire does not sit idle. From its capital of Dromund Kaas, Imperial leadership exerts total control over the worlds it has conquered, rebuilding its forces to once again march on the Republic. – Swtor codex

Nyx Scathia, Marauder

Screenshot (29)

Nyx was born to a very wealthy and influential Sith Pureblood family on Dromund Kaas. Her family has all been powerful force sensitives. Nyx does not quite have the prejudice against aliens and non-sith like the rest of her family, as she had made friends with some of her family’s slaves. She had a Sith tutor since she was very young, so she was sent to Korriban much later than her siblings. Nyx was powerful, even for a pureblood. She has a very high opinion of herself, doesn’t think much of the Sith Emperor, and could care less about respecting her masters. She still loves to kill things, and is fairly sadistic, so she’s not light side. She cares a lot about her companions, and she’s come to regard them as family, moreso than her real family. (Chaotic Evil)

Forellia, Assassin

Screenshot (22)

Forellia is a young Sith who used to live on Taris with her family and a few refugees who escaped the sacking of Corusant. Taris was hardly safe at best, but as fate would have it, the refugees were attacked by a small band of raiding Imperial soldiers. Most were killed, but Forellia and her father were spared  and taken as slaves. She was bought by a important family called the Scathes (feminine version Scathia). He fathers was sent to work on the statue of some important sith along with a hundred other slaves. She never saw him again. Forrelia underwent hard labor as she maintained the Scathe’s household. She rather liked their daughter, who didn’t share the same bias that she was ‘alien scum’ as the rest the family. Eventually, she was discovered to have force sensitivity and shipped of to Korriban, where new acolytes are killed every minute. Forellia tries to resist the many, many, fears she has about the future and she mourns the past. She is scared all the time and is also scarred by her experiences, which she speaks in a low, nervous, tone, and does all she can to survive, even murder. (Neutral)

Myra, Powertech

Screenshot (26)Myra is the adopted daughter of Nyx. She ran away at a young age, because she knew as the non force sensitive daughter of a powerful sith lord, she would be a burden on her mother to keep from her sith enemies, and her mother’s estranged family. She joined a small group of Bounty Hunters. Myra is tough as nails, but very friendly and loyal to her companions, like her mother. She isn’t someone to be underestimated but treat her with enough respect and she’ll work for you, credits appropriated but not necessary. She enjoys the thrill of the chase and she seldom kills her bounties, preferring to freeze them in carbonate. (Chaotic Neutral)

Drial Kaldrome, Sniper

Screenshot (23)Drial grew up on Csilla.  Her family was a high ranking noble house. Drial was extremely intelligent, so intelligent that when she was fifteen the Empire noticed her and gave her and option to train as an agent in Imperial Intelligence she eagerly accepted. Drial loves working with data and sorting numbers. She spent most of her career working with terminals and keeping a status report on all of the other agents. However, she’s recently been promoted.  Drial loves the Empire, and will do anything to see it succeed. She is very cold and calculating. She hates the sith though. (Lawful Evil)

Kazak Kaldrome, Operative

Screenshot (24)

Kazak is Drial Kaldrome’s younger brother. He was not as intellegent as his sister, but he is very stealthy and loves the idea and being an field agent, so he was hired as one for the empire. He doesn’t like missions that harm civilians, and prefers to be out and exploring the galaxy. He is confused about the many secret plots and conspiracies. He doesn’t like the killing he is required to do, and the more he sees of the Empire the less he likes it. He has a dream to someday become a Republic SIS (Strategic Information Service) spy. (Neutral)

That’s it for that! Can you believe these are only my main characters? Bye!

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The Golden Watch: Part Four

Okay, here is where things really get going…

Chapter 4: Trapped!

I was stretched out on the floor somewhere. Every part of my body felt like it was tingling with energy. I sat up, and looked around me. At first, I had a million questions. I was about to get up when my watch flashed these words, “Do not get up.” I gritted my teeth at it, and stood up. It was the one who had sent me here in the first place.  I looked around. I was in a polished, gleaming, white room. You could see the sky right through the walls. And then the walls changed to opaque. The room smelled fresh and clean. In a glass case, I saw several strange outfits that looked like a light blue and white high-tech version of a swimsuit. Humming platforms zoomed over my head, and lots of exotic materials were on it. Containers of what resembled blue goo lined the shelf of the wall behind me. Yep, whenever the watch sent me, It was defiantly not in the early 21st century. Most likely. I could be on another planet for all I know. I took in all of this with amazement. Then, I spotted a girl, to the far back of the room, with long light blond hair done up in this weird style with a white ribbon. She turned her face closer and I realized it was Pearl! My gasped must have been too loud, however, for I received a shock from my watch, which showed the words, “We’re doomed.” Pearl concentrated on me. She opened her mouth wide, then shut it tight. “Good, Good.” Said the watch. “She is not going to report us to the supervisor, as she probably plans to exterminate us herself.” Pearl pressed a button near her head and smiled at us, a slow, nervous, smile. “I have a bad feeling about this.” I muttered under my breath. The watch replied, “You’d better.” Then, with a humongous lurch from my stomach, I felt myself distending into a large circular tube.



“Ahhhhh!” I screamed. Immediately I regretted it. If there was anything dangerous here, I had most likely aroused it. The glass doors opened into darkness. I had a sense of foreboding. To my surprise and relief, my watch started glowing. I wiped the sweat from my forehead, and suddenly, Pearl jumped out from the shadows. I took a deep breath, and asked, “What are we doing here? What do you want with me?” “You need to leave.” Pearl said bluntly. Then she said, “I’m sorry for being so rude, it’s just that it isn’t safe. To talk. InterTime wants your head.” “Why?” I asked. “Come,” she motioned, and I followed her down a long corridor. She darted into a cubicle and made a hand motion, and the door sealed behind us.

“If this is a trap, I’m going to not tell you anything.” I said, crossing my arms.

“I promise you, this is not a trap. If I wanted to report you to the authorities, I could have done so when you first arrived. It was a miracle that they didn’t spot you in the beginning.” Pearl whispered, her face still full of fear.

“Who?” I asked, although I had a pretty good guess.

“InterTime, of course. You landed straight into their headquarters. Why did you do that?”

“I didn’t do anything!” I denied hotly. “This watch has some sort of tracker system that pulled me here.”

“Tracker system?” She had the same reaction to the two deadly words as Kazak had.


So, that’s all for now! I am probably going to alternate between my story and other every Saturday. So next Saturday I’ll post something different. And the next one after that I’ll post more story.

The Golden Watch: Part 2

So, If you are intrested, I am writing more about the adventures of Violet.

Chapter 2: Several Introductions

I headed downstairs, wondering about that strange file. What was going on? I went outside to think. Then, the neighbor girl came outside, the same girl I had seen looking out of the window this morning. “Uggg…” I moaned. I had half a mind to dart inside, but she might go away after she found out what a unintresting person I was. I have never been what you might call a people person. My mother had always used to say that I should be more outgoing, less cold and indifferent. But after the accident, I just didn’t feel like it. I didn’t have time for silly girls who did their nails and wore makeup and all that stuff, and she sure seemed like one of those girls.

“Hello.” Said the neighbor girl with a condescending air.

“Hello yourself.” I grumbled, immediatly disliking her tone. “I’m Vanessa Jane White.” She said, like she was the Queen of England or something. “I’m Violet.” I said.

She looked at me quizically, and said, “What book is that?”

“Around the world in 80 days. By Jules Verne. A classic.”

” So what do you do beside reading?” Vanessa asked, in a voice that meant ‘I-bet-you-do-nothing-else’. “Nothing much.” I mumbled.

She was about to leave when she spotted my watch. Her eyes lit up, and she said, “May I see that?” I tried to hide it, but her hand was already reaching out. I was getting really bad vibes from her. She wasn’t just a selfish girl, she seemed a little creepy too. “I’ll trade you for it.” That was it. I headed for the door, but the watch was already in Vannesa’s hands. I lunged for it, but she cheerily handed it back with a smile, “Ok, you can have your precious watch back.” She walked away primly to the door.

Had I been overeacting? I asked myself. She was probaly a nice girl, and I just freaked out for no reason, I told myself glumly. But then I took out my watch, and realized that, no, I had not been overreacting.

The watch was glowing an unearthly green color. I looked for a way to shut it off, but then it just darkened and the second hand kept going around and round, faster and faster. Then I noticed a tap on my shoulder. I nearly jumped out of my skin! “Who are you?” I asked loudly. This was Vannesa’s friend. Her hair was a light yellow that was almost white, her face was pale, and her eyes seemed worried. “What’s wrong?” I asked the girl. She shifted from one foot to the other. “Ummm…something’s very wrong.” “What is?” “Can you fix it?” she asked. She pointed to the watch. “I’ll try.” I said. “What’s your name?” “Pearl….” she whispered. When I turned around, she was gone.

I stayed up practically all night worrying. My watch didn’t seem fixable. Sometimes it would stop glowing for a second, then it would start ticking a lot faster than it was supposed to. I examined the back. It said, “Made in Jabra Gracter. “What even is that?” I said to myself, quietly. I searched it up on the Internet. Not surprisingly, there was no results. There had been so many strange things going on today. They were all connected to this watch. Was it dangerous? I stared at it. Yes. Very. “Ahhh!” I screamed. “You can talk!?” Obviously. Even a time primitive such as yourself should have been able to figure that out. After that the room seemed to spin and before I knew it, I was out.

I woke up the next morning with a bad headache. An idea came to mind. I took out my notepad and started to write. “Hmmm….”

Events leading up to now:

  1. Vanessa laughing at me, and her friend Pearl looking nervous.
  2. I brought box upstairs
  3. Watch discovered. In running order.
  4. Note from Mom.
  5. Case file about a boy named Kazak Ultimal
  6. Vanessa harms my watch.
  7. Pearl warns me about something…
  8. And, lastly, watch talks.


Your notes are good, even if you don’t have all the information. Maybe you are less of a novice… The watch turned off suddenly. I was aware of a sharp blast of wind. I jumped back, and a boy that looked about my age staggered in.

“Help…sorry for disabling your device…everything is messed up…” he whispered weakly. He fell onto the carpet. I gasped. “One more thing, before I pass out. My name is Kazak…” and then he fainted. I knew who he was.  Kazak Ultimal. Was he my enemy or my friend? Only time would tell.