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More SWTOR! (Star Wars the Old Republic)

Note: The Togruta  in the screenshots is Teraalin, my Jedi Consular.


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The Golden Watch: Part 5

I am going on a writing streak, so I will post stories more frequently.

Chapter 5: Kazak arrives

Pearl looked like she was going to have a heart attack. Or destroy something. Maybe both. While she stood there, frozen (not literally) I looked at my surroundings. It was kind of hard to see because wherever this place was, there was no lighting. Or maybe there was, but I haven’t found the switch yet. Or whatever they used to light stuff in the future. I was so focused on the lighting problem that I barely noticed when Pearl swiped my watch.

“Interesting… Amazing how completely it conforms to your cell structure.” She muttered, pulling the watch away from my wrist.

I wasn’t in a mood to react though. My brain was still processing the events since yesterday. Yesterday, I marveled. Or was it more than a thousand years?

“What’s the date? I whispered loudly. “Shh…Just because we are in a time-dead room doesn’t mean that no one can hear or discover us. And we have the tracking device issue still to deal with.” Pearl frowned. “Besides, I still don’t want to corrupt time completely. Rest assured, this is way past your natural lifespan.”

She poked and prodded my watch more. Was it my imagination or did the room seem brighter? It was now light enough so I could see, and I got up from my uncomfortable position (which was crouching on the floor.) Pearl didn’t prohibit me, most likely because she was still looking at the watch and changing facial expressions from concerned to worried to extremely anxious. The room glowed with light now, and I could see that it was a normal room painted beige and the floor looked like it was made of cement. There was no special light source or anything, the light just was. No furniture, windows or anything. Just floor, light and walls. And a ceiling. And a door which looked like it belonged in the twenty first century. I though the future would look, well, more futuristic.

I asked Pearl about the room and she said it looked that way in your eyes to keep time stable, similar to the fact the watch was stuck on what would look normal to an average 21st century human. “That maybe looks normal to a person who lived in what, 1920?” I replied. “Sorry, I don’t know much about your time. Let me check…”

“I need you to tell every last detail about what happened to you recently.”

“Don’t you know?” I replied.

I caught a glimpse of the watch. No wonder Pearl looked so worried. There was only three options on the watch. Normal (which showed the clock face) Mute (which silenced it, and I guessed Pearl had turned that on, because it hadn’t piped up since, well, when I first arrived. And the last option said, “List Damage.” Pearl angrily stabbed that option, and it continued to recite all of the damage it had taken (silently of course).

“Can I have it?” I asked. “No!” She snarled, but consented soon after. As soon as I touched it, tons of information came, scrawling past.  The look on my face of astonishment must have revealed something to her, for she said, “It works for you?”

I nodded my head, but all of a sudden, it shut down. A voice behind me said, “Nice to see you. I had no idea you were friend with her, or at least, one of them. It doesn’t really matter.” I turned around, nearly scared out of my wits. There stood Kazak, with a confident look on his face.





Hey! I just wanted to introduce you to this fun (and hard) writing challege. Basically, the initals stand for National Novel Writing Month, and that is November! You are supposed to write 50,000 words of a fictional sort, and you can start (or as I am doing) continue a novel you are working on. I didn’t get that many last year, but it is a fun challenge to try! It also has some great resources.

Here’s the link: