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“Kazak…?” I stammered, stupidly. Pearl made a very quick motion towards her face, and gave a very cautious, guarded look towards Kazak. I noticed that under her facade of calmness, she looked, well, angry, and also like she was holding something back. In my peripheral vision, I noticed words flashing from the face of my watch, somewhat dulled to prevent others from reading it, that said, ” Pearl has sent you a message. The message states that not to interfere between her and this, this criminal, and to put your back to the wall and not to do anything. STAY OUT OF THIS.” I was fairly confused what was going on, so I followed, her instructions. However, if things did get bad, I was going to interfere, not matter how many tracker devices and evil robots were going to stop me. Kazak leaned against the wall, quite casually. Pearl sprinted up to and assumed a defense position in which, to me, looked like some sort of hand-to-hand combat. (Like Karate)

“Hand over your device, scratch that, hand over all your devices, and make it quick because I am this close to sending you to the nearest containment area, and perhaps an interrogation room.”

Kazak grinned flippantly, emptied out his pockets of  few candy wrappers and what looked like a twenty dollar bill, and resumed his position leaning against the wall.

Pearl gathered up the scattered objects in distaste, and left them on the floor. Then, they disappeared. Pearl stood in her defensive position, looking as confused as I felt. Nothing happened for a long time. She narrowed her eyebrows in thought as Kazak boredly looked around the room and as I had a thousand, no million, questions. Who was Pearl, Who was Kazak, where we are, what does a time dead room mean, had I time traveled, etc. Suddenly, both Kazak and Pearl looked at me and then back at each other. A conversation had started.

“Listen, I know we are risking our necks here, 99% chance of discovery, and all that, but we really need to discuss something…” Kazak again looked pointedly at me.

“You are absolutely correct on the discovery, in fact, even in this time-dead, supposedly private room where unwanted persons would not just waltz in, that we should have been, well at least that female named Violet , would have been in a high security containment room by now.” Pearl managed to look even more worried than she looked before.

Kazak replied, snarkily,”Relax. We’ll be in hot water soon enough. Likely someone is spying on us and is more curious about our conversation than to break it up. As soon as they need something, we will be in that fabled and deadly containment center which you keep referring too. Again, we should probably talk about…” More gesturing towards me.

“Agreed. But I want to keep her as untainted by time as humanely possible.” Pearl said firmly.

“I mean, most of her life revolves around time travel, but sure, delay the inevitable.” Kazak sighed and turned towards me. I perked up my ears, interested. Finally I was getting some answers! I was about to let loose the torrent of questions that was lodged in my throat, when Kazak mumbled and said, “Sorry about this, kid, I guarantee it’s for your own good.” I was about to scream, “Why?” when a familiar force began pushing against me. Everything darkened and distorted, even Pearl looked up with shock. Her face did not look pleased as she mouthed some words towards him. Suddenly, there was the flash of light, and I knew nothing.

I woke up again, sore and on a hard, metal floor, the air was cold, damp, and still, and there was nothing but darkness. My watch failed to respond to anything I did.

In a place where there was nothing but darkness, there inexplicably shone light. I looked around, and I wished for darkness again.




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