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Part 9: Outside of Time


After an excruciating journey, I landed on the floor….hold on. Not a floor. More like ground, but not. Footing. I observed the familiar place, and half of me was relieved see nothing had changed. The other half wished that things were different. There was light, but it didn’t come from anywhere. It just was. The light glowed enough to see I was standing on nothing, like there was just resistance holding me up from falling into what dark abyss I was in. It wasn’t a room, just a place where light came and showed there was nothing. No moon, stars, earth, grounds, civilization. Just light, filtering in thru the darkness. I felt the feeling I normally got every time I entered this place. The feeling of being near a power that could almost kill you, like being too close to a hot fire. But I relished the power, for I had been long without. I was in Outer Time, a place that was everywhere and nowhere at the same time.

After I arrived I do what I normally do, and almost what everyone does when they come to a place where they can’t leave: think. Pearl called me a freak, which shouldn’t get to me as I’ve been called much, much, worse, and usually shrugged it off with a smirk. It was kind of ironic, her calling me that. But it was true nonetheless. I then shifted to another person of greater importance, Violet. Violet was interesting, certainly. I hoped I had helped her. I wasn’t the best judge of character, but she wanted her mother more than anything. I had seen the note given to Violet, and was surprised that her mother would lie to her like that. Friends? FRIENDS? Not quite enemies, but almost. Violet was the one of the only things her mom cared about. I was useful, certainly, but nothing more. But I had lied to her just as much, if not more.

A sharp jolt broke off my thoughts. I should leave soon, I thought.

(It’s a short mini-chapter this week)

Part 8: From a different point of view


I looked around quickly. Normally I noticed things fast, enough to react to all of the strange things that went on at InterTime, but right now I was flabbergasted. “You did what?” I said to Kazak. “Who is missing right now?” Kazak smirked.

“You little…I can report you, don’t forget that.”

“You wouldn’t dare, because that would end your job, and possibly your life. So yeah.” he replied.

Ugg. He was right. Very right.  I decided to go with something less accusatory. “Where did you take her? I don’t have a single device on me, and neither do you, you freak of nature!”

“You really warmed up to 21st century English, didn’t you. Your translator must be having a ball.” Kazak replied, smoothly.

“I don’t have a translator, unlike some cyborgs I could mention. I am 100% human. Wait you are avoiding the question.” I hastily fired.

“Reused human, you mean. And very smart, indeed. Those organic scientists really know what they are doing these days.  Built in translators, a logical fallacy detector, or whatever they are called when they aren’t implants. Very impressive. I remember when human sciences first came out. They made quite a stir with people who had morals. Such as altering babies…” Kazak rambled on, smugly, still avoiding the question.

“Stop talking about ancient history. Talk about now.” I almost yelled.

“For someone who is so worried about getting caught, you are letting your emotions get away with you. You aren’t like the others. ” Kazak remarked.

I shut my mouth, half realizing that Kazak was right, half of it was because the familiar urge in my brain commanded me to. I had to return to normal, to remain calm like I should, to report this to InterTime immediately… Wait. No. I shook my head in frustration, but said nothing.

“You aren’t like the others.” Kazak said again. “Why?”

The question hung in the air, like a 404 error message hung on a screen.  “That was a stupid allegory.” I muttered to myself, then recoiled at the fact I was speaking English. Ancient history or not, I was speaking it. I stood up straight, and eyed Kazak. I said slowly and clearly, each word pronounced to the best of my ability, “If you want answers about me, you are going to have to tell me where Violet is, and why you can manipulate time like that.”

“Fine. Violet is somewhere on a track to learning where her mother is. That’s all I can say.” He answered, his voice oddly shaking.

My face drained. “The Outcasts?” I said, queasy.

He nodded. “It was they first thing I thought of, and anyway, they won’t kill her. Most likely not, anyway.”

“They are the villains.”

“To you, maybe.” He turned away, leaving before I could get a word in. Just vanishing. It’s possible I could never see him again. How does he do that, I wondered. Again, recoiling. Even my thoughts were in English. I heard noises outside the room.

“No!” I yelled, before I could catch myself. Any moment they could come barreling in here. I was lucky that I chose a mental blocking, virtually communication free room. But people could still enter the normal way. The noises came closer.

“Pearl 99.” A voice said.

Emily of New Moon: A Book Report

Emily of New Moon by Lucy Maud Montgomery, is about a imaginative girl whose father dies and she goes to live with her mother’s family, the Murrays. The Murrays are a very old and strict family, and this story is about Emily’s life with the Murrays of New Moon, her budding aspiration to be a writer, and her friends.

Set in Prince Edward Island, this book follows the story of Emily, who is smart, thoughtful, and gets into a lot of scrapes. Her and her friends Ilse, Teddy, and Perry, have a lot of interesting adventures together, and at school she doesn’t get along well with her teacher for writing poems on her slate. She loves writing and her cats. At first, her relationship with her Aunt Elizabeth is strained, but she soon learns to care for her relatives at New Moon.

The story is about Emily adapting to her new home and meeting new people.

Emily of New Moon is about a young girl meeting her relatives for the first time. She is nervous about who will take her in. She eventually stays with her strict Aunt Elizabeth, her nice Aunt Laura, and her eccentric Cousin Jimmy. The story is about her growing up, her conflict with her Aunt Elizabeth, and a solving of a mystery around her friend Ilse.

Emily and her Aunt Elizabeth don’t get along well because Emily does not act like what becomes a Murray, a very old and important family in the book.  She is extremely imaginative, to the point of shutting others out. Aunt Elizabeth has no imagination, leading her to misunderstand Emily’s various antics. Eventually, she proves to her aunt that she is a Murray, and at the threat of losing Emily to a deadly sickness, her and her aunt become friends.

The story is relatable because anyone can find themselves in a new situation.

This book is one I would definitely recommend to everyone, but girls 12 years or older would definitely appreciate this story the most. Lucy Maud Montgomery’s characters are fleshed out and interesting, and the scrapes Emily gets into are both believable, amusing, and sympathetic. The writing is also amazing. So, give this book a try!



Part 7: In the warehouse.

I was tired of all of the mysteries, the millions of questions, the suspense. I was done. Kazak had not helped me. I was in a sort of warehouse, with lumps of tarp covered objects. This didn’t answer anything. I wished that I could remain to know nothing, even as I had these questions. Knowing nothing was better than continuing to live with more and more questions. I wished it was dark, and still, and I could remain still and not get caught. “Wishing won’t help.” I muttered to myself. “I’ve got to be tough,” I told myself. I was afraid of learning the answers, afraid that the answers were worse than the questions. I bit down on my tongue, hoping that the pain would dispel the fear. Then I decided to take action. I stood up with every inch of my five foot 2 inches and 109 pounds.  I slipped off my watch into my pocket, knowing if I showed it, people might want to take it, for some unknown reason. I was guessing time travel. Was time travel normal in this time period, I wondered. First things first.

I was going to answer one of my questions, at least. What was under those tarp like things? The lumps were a dingy white, they felt like a shiny, smooth laminated paper.  I seized the paper like tarp, and it tore easily. I smelled something interesting. Under the tarp was supplies, in thin metal boxes which had bold printed names on them. Some of the names were in English, others not. The first box said, Bread. I carefully opened the small box, which had a printed instructions on the lid. 100 count, use sparingly, add a drop of Yeoni to use. Lasts 24 hours.  Inside were prepackaged pellets, and a bottle of the Yeoni, which was labeled as an water-yeast-oil mixture. Shake to use, it said.  I spent far to long studying the box of instant bread. I stuffed a few pellets of it into my pocket and the bottle of a Yeoni. I broke open another container, which held something called VatDisent, which I found out purified water. The other boxes contained things to sleep on, heal wounds, (like that Laser and Scorch mark healing pad) gels to numb pains, something called stimulants which accented your skills, and even something which was classified as a defense shield and a weapon. I wished I had brought a backpack, some of this stuff would have have been useful.

Then, I heard a banging noise. I stood up, red in the face. I knew I wasn’t supposed to open those supplies. I heard whispering in a language I didn’t know. Then, I saw them. They were standing in front of the entrance of the now opened warehouse, shouting in aforementioned language.  They seemed to be both shocked and angry, and were screaming at each other and at me. I stood up, and put my hands into the air.

There was a girl and a boy, both scarcely old than I was. The girl had short, choppy, brown hair with a blue streak to it. She wore a threadbare baseball cap that was covered with dirt and mud, and when it was new it must has been purple but now it was a pale lavender.  She had an angry face which had a few purple bruises and a small cut on her chin, and brown, yellowish eyes. She wore a nondescript gray, long sleeved shirt and loose, baggy gray pants which ended halfway down her calf. Her legs were scarred and dirty. She also wore thick soled black boots, also covered in dirt. The boy was dressed a similar way, but minus the cap and his pants were down to his ankles.  He had brownish blond, raggedly cut hair, and a scarred face and watery blue eyes that looked more bewildered than angry. They both looked rather scrawny.

The boy had stopped shouting. He instead started toward me, but the girl stopped him. The force necessary to stop him seemed to take most of her strength, and she stopped her tirade to catch a breath. The boy and the girl both stared at me. I stared at them, not comprehending them in the slightest. Finally, the girl asked something that sounded like a question. I shrugged my shoulders. The girl whipped out something and fired at my slight movement. A bolt of energy shot out of the object with a loud cracking noise. Frightened, I dived, but luckily she had fired far away from me. The boy yelled and grabbed something out of her arm, which looked small and flashy. They both conversed in scared, intense tones. I huddled on the floor, terrified and trying to be as small as possible, trying not to get shot at again. As if on cue, both the boy and the girl looked quickly at me, and started up. They both walked towards me, the small, sliver, object held out by the girl. I dared not move. The boy jerked me up, using what seemed like every once of his energy. Then, the girl jabbed the silver object, which resembled a hard drive, under my chin. “Nakl dousint.” The girl whispered, menacingly. I looked at her with wide eyes, and the boy motioned for me to go forward. The boy walked behind me, fixing some thin metal bands around my hands, preventing me from moving them and they grew tighter and more painful the more I twisted my wrists. The girl walked besides me, frowning and digging the device deeper into my neck every time I winced. We walked toward the opening in this manner. I wondered where they were taking me, whether even if I would survive the next minute, if I would get punished for taking the supplies.

My Swtor Characters

The Galactic Republic:

“For more than twenty thousand years, the Galactic Republic has been the most civilized and advanced power in the known galaxy. Governed by the Galactic Senate with representatives from hundreds of star systems and planets, the Republic has been the center of peace and progress, a bright beacon in the darkness of outer space.

The revered Jedi Order has sworn itself to defend the Republic, to battle the darkness, and to bring peace and balance to the greater galaxy. The Jedi have served for millennia in this capacity, and in that time they have earned themselves the admiration of their allies, and the hatred of their enemies.” From Wookiepedia

Teraalin, Sage:

Screenshot (18)

Teraalin is an Jedi who prefers mercy to people versus violence, but agrees that for the sake of many, she must rely on her own wisdom. She won’t spare anyone who is a murderer. She will save people if possible, but never Sith.  She cares deeply about things, and has trouble controlling her emotions.  (neutral good)

Adhara Kyleth, Scoundrel

Screenshot (21)

Adhara is a good-natured pilot who loves her ship. She is experienced, tough, but not bitter. She grew up on Nar Shaddaa, so she quickly learned her way around cities, how to use a blaster, and how to make a few credits. She loves a good joke and hanging out with her friends. She’ll normally forgive people who wrong her, but if you hurt her friends or her ship, you get the business end of her blaster.  She also likes to help out people who are not as well off as her. (chaotic good)

Serena Mystia, Guardian

Screenshot (27)Serena is a proud Jedi. She tries to live every day according to the code, in hopes one day she will be a master and redeem herself. Her mother had fallen to the dark side, so some of the other Jedi are prejudiced against her. She resents this and tries to gains favor by being overly knowledgeable and cold. She failed in training her padawan, so she was disfavorably sent from the planet to learn compassion. (Lawful Neutral)

Jaylex Striker, Sentenial

Screenshot (34)

Jaylex is the son of Adhara. He is very active and he loves to be snarky. He wanted to be a smuggler, but he turned out to be force sensitive so he was sent to train with the Jedi. He has yet to learn patience, and his master, Serena, was too cold and unfeeling and would hardly speak to him, so he was dissatisfied and tried to run away.  He was eventually brought back, and got a new master and Serena was sent away. He is sometimes is bitter and selfish, and doesn’t believe in the Jedi code. (Chaotic Neutral)

Raiya, Trooper

(not sure about her appearance yet, I like both of them, comment which look you like better)

Screenshot (32)

Screenshot (33)

Raiya is a young Twi’lek who’s had a rough life. Born on Tattooine, her parents were slaves to Hutts. Soon they died in a horrible accident and Raiya was going to be made a slave to pay off her family’s remaining debt. She escaped to the deep part of Tatooine in a small shack where her grandparents lived and she lived there for a while, and she found a small togruta child whose parents had been exiled to Tatooine for a crime that they didn’t commit. They had died of exposure, and the little togruta girl was on the verge of death. She nursed her back to health and they became like sisters. A few years later, when she was nineteen, Raiya went to Anchorhead to pick up much needed supplies when she was kidnapped by the Hutt who had threatened to enslave her. She was shipped off to work for the Empire. She was treated horribly, and eventually the Republic rescued her and offered her a job in the military after seeing her neat fighting skills against her cruel captors. She bears a grudge against the Empire, and the Hutts, but she would never hurt a civilian. (Chaotic Neutral)

The Sith Empire:

The Sith Empire is a force of dominance, an authoritarian state forged from militarism, slavery and the dark side of the Force. United under a single Emperor and his Dark Council, ruled by the Force-sensitive members of the Sith Order and supported by countless loyal citizens, the Empire forsakes the freedoms offered by the Republic in favor of strength and order. Aiming to take revenge on the Republic for its exile centuries ago, the Sith Empire will stop at nothing to become the greatest power in the galaxy. Although an uneasy truce has settled over the galaxy, the Empire does not sit idle. From its capital of Dromund Kaas, Imperial leadership exerts total control over the worlds it has conquered, rebuilding its forces to once again march on the Republic. – Swtor codex

Nyx Scathia, Marauder

Screenshot (29)

Nyx was born to a very wealthy and influential Sith Pureblood family on Dromund Kaas. Her family has all been powerful force sensitives. Nyx does not quite have the prejudice against aliens and non-sith like the rest of her family, as she had made friends with some of her family’s slaves. She had a Sith tutor since she was very young, so she was sent to Korriban much later than her siblings. Nyx was powerful, even for a pureblood. She has a very high opinion of herself, doesn’t think much of the Sith Emperor, and could care less about respecting her masters. She still loves to kill things, and is fairly sadistic, so she’s not light side. She cares a lot about her companions, and she’s come to regard them as family, moreso than her real family. (Chaotic Evil)

Forellia, Assassin

Screenshot (22)

Forellia is a young Sith who used to live on Taris with her family and a few refugees who escaped the sacking of Corusant. Taris was hardly safe at best, but as fate would have it, the refugees were attacked by a small band of raiding Imperial soldiers. Most were killed, but Forellia and her father were spared  and taken as slaves. She was bought by a important family called the Scathes (feminine version Scathia). He fathers was sent to work on the statue of some important sith along with a hundred other slaves. She never saw him again. Forrelia underwent hard labor as she maintained the Scathe’s household. She rather liked their daughter, who didn’t share the same bias that she was ‘alien scum’ as the rest the family. Eventually, she was discovered to have force sensitivity and shipped of to Korriban, where new acolytes are killed every minute. Forellia tries to resist the many, many, fears she has about the future and she mourns the past. She is scared all the time and is also scarred by her experiences, which she speaks in a low, nervous, tone, and does all she can to survive, even murder. (Neutral)

Myra, Powertech

Screenshot (26)Myra is the adopted daughter of Nyx. She ran away at a young age, because she knew as the non force sensitive daughter of a powerful sith lord, she would be a burden on her mother to keep from her sith enemies, and her mother’s estranged family. She joined a small group of Bounty Hunters. Myra is tough as nails, but very friendly and loyal to her companions, like her mother. She isn’t someone to be underestimated but treat her with enough respect and she’ll work for you, credits appropriated but not necessary. She enjoys the thrill of the chase and she seldom kills her bounties, preferring to freeze them in carbonate. (Chaotic Neutral)

Drial Kaldrome, Sniper

Screenshot (23)Drial grew up on Csilla.  Her family was a high ranking noble house. Drial was extremely intelligent, so intelligent that when she was fifteen the Empire noticed her and gave her and option to train as an agent in Imperial Intelligence she eagerly accepted. Drial loves working with data and sorting numbers. She spent most of her career working with terminals and keeping a status report on all of the other agents. However, she’s recently been promoted.  Drial loves the Empire, and will do anything to see it succeed. She is very cold and calculating. She hates the sith though. (Lawful Evil)

Kazak Kaldrome, Operative

Screenshot (24)

Kazak is Drial Kaldrome’s younger brother. He was not as intellegent as his sister, but he is very stealthy and loves the idea and being an field agent, so he was hired as one for the empire. He doesn’t like missions that harm civilians, and prefers to be out and exploring the galaxy. He is confused about the many secret plots and conspiracies. He doesn’t like the killing he is required to do, and the more he sees of the Empire the less he likes it. He has a dream to someday become a Republic SIS (Strategic Information Service) spy. (Neutral)

That’s it for that! Can you believe these are only my main characters? Bye!

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