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The Golden Watch: (Spoilers!!!!)

Violet, Human:


Black hair, dark blue eyes, and tanned skin. Wears a purple tee-shirt and black pants with tall black boots.


Violet is a fifteen year old girl who is fairly introverted, she loves reading and facts, and she is very curious. Her main goal is to find her mother, who went missing several years ago, supposedly dead. She has a great memory and is a logical person. She is unfriendly and mistrusting, only trusting people to find out information. However, when she does finally warm up to someone, she will trust them with her whole life. She hates secrets and mysteries, as a lot of her life has been one.


Pearl, Near-Human:


White-blond hair, bright green eyes, white skin. A shimmery white top with a short skirt and leggings and lightweight metal boots.


Pearl appears like she is around sixteen. She is a biological clone of the most advanced human of the time. Her and around a hundred more of her work at Intertime, as the branch between Intertime and the general public. She is well-versed in deception, diplomacy, analyzing, time travel, science in general, and martial arts. Many of her kind were created without ethics. However, Pearlescent 99 had a secret mutation that allowed her to have them.  She wants to leave Intertime as she sees the many problems with the company and the moral trouble many of her duties give her. She rarely has emotion, she has never smiled.

Kazak, Altered Human:

Appearance: Choppy red hair, mischievous brown eyes, light skin. Wears an tattered blue shirt with Nicola Tesla on it and blue jeans and sneakers.


In a terrible time accident, Kazak, an average 21st century teenager, was transformed to have strange time manipulating powers. His new powers allow him to go anywhere and to do anything he wants to, in any time period. However, if he stays away from his power source for a long time, he will gain so much energy it will kill him and end time, and if he stays near his power source to often, it will also kill him and end time travel, so he has to alternate between the two. He uses his powers to steal items in the past and future, goofing off and not caring about the rules at all. He would most like to be a normal teenager again.





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