Pangs of intoxicating power went through my system. I wanted to stay. but knew it was bad for me and everyone else if I did. Where should I go? Nothing I currently wanted to steal, no job offers, (I think) and wait a sec, I know what to do! I went closer to the power source, my heart beating faster. I saw everything that was going on. (currently on earth, this second, all places) No big deal, no time to gawk, seen it all already, just gotta see what was going on that my brain was worrying me about. I was about to take a closer look at a small detail when my arm collapsed and my knees buckled. Ok, time to panic. I closed my eyes, and waved my other (cybernetic) arm, hoping that I would go the correct place…indeed any place at all. I stumbled thru the portal. Don’t black out! Too late. My eyes closed in spite of everything else.

When I finally opened my eyes, I was relieved, I was, you know, NOT dead. I was back in a lab. Generally, labs are bad news. Nothing good to steal, unless for a job or you need special tech. And the doctors or scientists are nosy and they won’t just call the police, they experiment on you and call you an ‘extraordinary test subject’ and tell you what you will mean for the future of science and all that jazz. I don’t think that’s legal, but when a random teen just waltzes into a lab from another time, the laws are more lax. Especially when the teen’s a fugitive himself. Ok, back to the subject. I seemed to be in the same time period from when I just left. I picked myself off the floor. First things first, disable whatever security system there was. Nevermind, it was too complicated. Ok. I looked around.

Two medical droids stared at me. At least they were too boggled by my presence. (I wasn’t an easy person to get the data off, hopefully Naren deleted most of my records) I decided to go the fun way of getting rid of someone or something you found in the way: violence! I pressed a few button on my arm and pointed at the droids. They were too busy processing my existence to be afraid of what I was going to do. I shot two large plasma balls at the droids, which promptly exploded into at least fifty pieces or so. Yeah, that was over the top, cheesy, and using a couple hundred year old tech, but it’s always a laugh.

“Friend or Foe?” I heard a voice echoing from the depths of a machine. Then, before I could do anything, I heard another voice, exactly like the one that talked before. Where had I heard that voice before. Oh, right, Pearl. But her’s had so much more life in it. Clones were confusing. The other voice said,

“Pearlesence 1 to Bio 25 and 26. I have read the data on InterTime’s tampered clone 99 (of the Pearl devison). She had been altered, but not fixed. You have buried her memories and all other cause of individual differences and sentience under a layer of InterTime’s original, controlled programming, but it has not been fixed. Her mind is too inflexible to reveal all of her secrets, and we can’t seem to get much, if any, of her information. The only thing I am pleased about is that you have lowered her emotional triggers and made her less resistant to InterTime ways. But that is not enough. I regret she will have to be disintegrated. Don’t worry, if in any way you are interrupted, it will still happen autonomously. Good day.”

The voice stopped. I pondered this information. I had sensed something different about her that the other clones, but was she really worth saving? Well, she had been tampered for some good reason, as a bad person wouldn’t tamper an Intertime clone, they were already evil enough. I reasoned that Pearl was the voice I had heard earlier. Well, she was alive then, I hope she was alive now. I rattled the opaque pod Pearl was in. No answer. Darn, I hope I wasn’t too late! This calls for drastic measures. Yes, I am far too fond of shooting things. The pod shell dented, but no other effect. I then noticed a data terminal nearby, hopefully that controlled the pod.

LOCKED: DISINTEGRATING MODE. Unlock? I hurriedly scanned the data terminal and noticed a button. EMERGENCY RELEASE MODE (THIS WILL SEND A BROADCAST TO INTERTIME CORPS. Would you like to proceed? I hit yes, recklessly. The pod opened, filling the room with a bunch of smelly gases, which made my head spin. I grabbed the girl inside, hoping she was still alive. I went the only half-safe place: Back to Outer time.


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