“I’m Violet. Violet Montgomery.” I said, a little weakly.

I heard a murmuring around me. The blindfold felt too tight. If they wanted to keep me in the dark, they should of deafened me too.

“Take it off, Tora and Nelson.” The same authoritative female voice said. The two children muttered something.

“Young people these days. Always talking in Jabra…” The lady grumbled.

“What are you doing?!” I heard a voice give a piercing whisper. “It’s not safe to speak!”

“We know who she is. I am just letting her see. If she is who we guess, she won’t be much harm.”

Tora and Nelson took my blindfold off. I furiously blinked. I was in a grey room without any windows. A council of people, dressed in nondescript tan and grey uniforms sat around a clear table. They all had devices attached to their heads. My watch was sitting right on that table.  I was sitting on a grey metal bench, facing the council.  Tora still jammed her laser thingy into my neck. I looked into her stern yellowy brown eyes. Not an ounce of compassion. Her mouth twisted a little. What was up with her? Nelson stood awkwardly, about ten feet from the bench. He looked like he wanted to say something, but he kept quiet.

“Who was your mother?” The lady spoke. She had dark wrinkled skin, and white hair mottled with brown tied into a bun. She looked about sixty, but her eyes were kind.

“Noel Montgomery.” I answered. The lady nodded. “That seems likely. Last question, why are you here?”

“I’m not certain. A boy named Kazak sent me.” I decided to tell the truth, as lying would most likely do me no good.

Various expressions went around the room. Some angry, others confused, a few faces jubilant. “Hmmm…I have reached my decision.”

A man in a grey uniform broke out. “Briana, what are you doing? The council does not approve of this! We need time, perhaps even days to figure this out!”

Briana said, “Well, can I take her to a containment cell so she will not overhear anything else?”

Several minutes passed. A woman with a peculiar accent stated, “Fine. But we will be watching you. We will do anything it takes for our survival. Interrogate her if you wish.” She waved her hand in dismissal.

Brianna got up. She was not much taller than me, and I was only 5 foot 1. She walked out of the council hall and towards a tall metal door. It opened towards a dark hallway. She motioned toward Tora and Nelson. Tora gave me a death stare and followed. Nelson sighed and shuffled his feet loudly toward the door.

“Wait!” I yelled as I left, “What about my watch?”


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