So, basically, I’m at an impasse. There is a lot of subjects I might want to write about, but my story take 1#. However, I am rarely inspired to write it, and I’ve been stuck at a sort of dead end. I have less time, also. All writing time cuts into my ‘free time’, so, I try to make it short. Not that I hate writing, it’s just I never have time to do it. Wednesday’s just a bad time, but I don’t want to write when I feel like it, or else I just won’t write anything at all, ever.

Reasons for not writing my story:

1# Plot/ending is complex the way I like it, however it’s hard to write that without writing out the whole thing at once…

2# Each chapter takes more than one hour to write, on a GOOD day. On a bad day, I mostly just want to play video games.

3# I love my characters, but they are too much to handle sometimes.

4# I hate taking away from the quality of the writing. I also hate contradicting myself, introducing characters or objects that aren’t fleshed out, or have any sort of plot holes. I also dislike making people confused, but I don’t like ruining the mystery, either.

That’s about it. Other ideas….

Here’s some of my writing pet peeves…

I dislike it when Villains are all powerful entities of evil without a motive than the fact they were created to be bad.

I also dislike when people are scared of using special invented terms because they would fear that people wouldn’t get their work. Example. “The dark elf girl forged a sword out of an magical iron-like substance. She named it ‘Death’s Edge’.” vs. “The tall, angular Faav’tha bent over her forge. Her eyes glittered as she pulled out the Quarite sword. Crying out in loud voice, “I call thee Favthen!” Even if you don’t learn what it means until later, it’s still a good habit. People just can look at a glossary.

Future Posts:

I was thinking of doing something like Ethan does with his Tipper Turnfield stories, only with Naren Kaye. (my Meldonia Character) She’s a street girl who despises the rich. I also was thinking about doing a paper on my favorite games, a post on How to Survive in The Sith Empire, a post on Staying in the Galactic Republic, and more about other SW stuff. I also want to continue my story, too, only…we’ll see. When I am more confident about it I will post more of it. I’m probably still going to stick to my wednesday schedule.

Star Wars, Knights of the Fallen Empire: The Teraalin Awakens…

Screenshot (407)

That’s what I’ve called that particular screenshot. Anyway, the name right there is one of the more recent expansions to SWTOR. It’s really good (story driven). The graphics also got an update. The upstairs computer can handle it, but the downstairs…not so much.

Anyway, here’s more screenshots: (mostly the reason I do this is because it’s really easy. And fun. Sorry to, I don’t know, overwhelm you)

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One thought on “Random Thoughts…

  1. This was such a fun post! “I love my characters, but they are too much to handle sometimes.” This is so true, and a fabulous problem to have! Characters who are handfuls make the best stories. I like your screenshots, writer’s peeves, and reasons! Thanks for the interesting post!


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