I saw Pearl 99 wake up in Outer Time. She was on the floor, I having dropped her like a hot potato or a reality warping rock. Something seemed strange about her. Her eyes seemed even more cold then they used to be, like an average issue clone. I thought she was different, I guess I had just been holding out hope after Naren altered a clone for our last mission.  She had been created for a different purpose than as an InterTime lackey. A translator, a bridge between the outcasts and the company, well, more than that now. A government, military, everything rolled up into one. That clone would perhaps create enough of a gap, a diversion, for the outcasts to make their move. What that move was, I didn’t know. I hadn’t been informed. I didn’t know which clone it was, after Naren went rogue, it was hard to tell anything that was connected to her. Before she came back and ruined my life, me and several other agents (that weren’t Naren) had saved a few clones. At least the Pearl ones were the only ones in production. Cloning has been a very specific technology. But now, she looked normal. She hadn’t acted normal the last time we spoke, still unfriendly but displaying a lot of human traits. I was sure she was the one, but now, I wasn’t so sure. While I was inwardly monologuing, Pearl 99 sprung up. I wasn’t sure what she was going to do. I hoped she would ask questions, and perhaps she would reveal her true purpose, and I could get her back, somehow, to InterTime, and…I began to feel worse and worse. I had to leave.

“Don’t move.” I cautioned. Her eyes grew narrower, and she gave me a quick uppercut to the face. Ouch. Not the reaction I was hoping for. In fact, she was behaving like an average clone. Darn it. She kicked me in the shins.

“You have wronged InterTime.” She said, calmly. Ok. I was in trouble. And the head pain was about to start, for staying here to long. I flicked my fingers, everything began pulling and spinning. I didn’t want to leave her here, because there was a slight chance that, well, another ‘aberration of time’ could be created. Moments, perfectly preserved, of people, places, and things, moment when wars started, moments of families on picnics. Everything. I heard a gasp. And I felt a pain in my shoulder. Pearls hand was clenched on my shoulder. “Not possible.” Pearl said. “Oh, really?” I said, and went to a moment I had visited many times. Violet was sitting on a clear chair, in an old-fashioned looking room (around circa 2156 I think) with a council deciding her fate. “Jabra no’ct Pearl ti.” Pearl whispered, and her face relaxed. “Yess!!” I yelled. I quickly relayed plans. Half were from the document, the other half were invented on the spot by me. I would find some way to remind her always (a sort of device the replayed pictures of the Outcasts maybe?) of her origins and true loyalties. She, in turn, would give information to me, so I could come out of hiding and finally complete my mission, one agent gone of course. I wondered if they would even take me back. I hoped they trusted Violet at least. Even though her mother was who she was…

Pearl nodded after I relayed the information. She seemed different, lost in the moment. Intertime had tried to destroy her, it had clearly left its marks. As we left the moment, I noticed an icy look in her eyes, her face had hard lines in it. When we arrived back in outer time, she grabbed me by the neck with a tungsten grip…



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