*************************************Violet******************************************The door closed with a bang. I looked quizzically at Brianna. She marched me thru a dimly lit hallway. Tora and Nelson quickly followed behind. She waved her hand, and a metallic door slid open. A light flickered on. She sat me down on a grey bench. The room had a few cabinets, and bags filled with emergency supplies.

“What about my watch?” I asked, once more.

Tora leaned against the wall, her face so haggard for someone that could hardly be more than thirteen.”You should be happy to escape with your life.” She said, grimly.

I looked at Nelson, who stood at the end of my bench, and whispered, “What’s with her?” He looked nervously at me, and whispered back, “It’s complicated. You’ll be fine, though. She’s just upset.”

Brianna breathed a deep sigh. “Will you be willing to hear a  explanation?” she said, sitting down next to me. I nodded.

“Your mother used to be one of our most top agents. She was a bit too extreme and hot-headed for many of the other council members, but she got the job done.”

I interrupted. “My mom used to be an agent, for whatever this place is?” I said, a little wide-eyed.

“Yes. Her name was Naren, and she…went rogue. Long story short, we’re willing to help you. More correctly, I am. I used to work with her, and…she was interesting. Shocking, even at times, but she was a loyal co-worker and maybe even a friend.”

“My mom’s name was Naren? Not Noel? ”

“Some people like to change their names when they pick a new time to settle down in. Not that anyone done it recently, of course, but when time manipulation first was invented…” she stopped. “Ahem. The point is, I am going to help you by sending you away.” Brianna finished.

“Why? Where?” I asked, concerned.

“Wherever you want. The council and I reached a decision. If you leave, we won’t question your further actions. We won’t have to deal with you, and if you survive and find your mother, good for you and us. Otherwise, I’m sorry. Perhaps I’ll inform your mother of your demise. If she still cares about you.” Brianna said, staring at the ceiling.

I grimaced, sitting like a lump on the bench. She opened her eyes wide. I’ve got to go back. They will give you back your watch. If you hurt our operation in any way, you will be killed, no questions asked. Good luck. Tora and Nelson will escort you out.” She stood up and marched thru the door, closing it softly. Tora towered over me. For someone who could barely br thirteen, she sure was tall.

“Get up!” She snarled. “Please.” Said Nelson, blinking furiously. “How do I leave? Where should I go? Huh?” I yelled. Tora ungraciously threw me a pack from the corner. I had a bunch of labels, zippers and ties, and seemed to be of a stiff beige substance, like their clothes. Nelson spoke, “Isn’t that antique?” Tora glared at him, and he blinked faster, as if that was even possible. “It’s what we usually give prisoners, we hate tossing out supplies.” She flipped open the cabinet and handed me a mask. It was a breathing apparatus. It wrapped around your head in the back, and covered your eyes, mouth, and nose. Breathing was hard with it on, but I sounded cool. “Never take it off, or you’ll die of the terrible atmosphere we have outside.” Tora said briskly. She looked at my clothes. “Take those off. I’ll hand you a climate suit.” she said, even more briskly.

Nelson inched out of the room, shutting the door, and Tora assured me, if only slightly, that there was a law in place that they couldn’t harm there prisoners. Goodbye, smelly purple T-shirt, goodbye, too-tight grey sneakers, goodbye, black shorts that were my favorite. She tossed me a shapeless beige suit and some thick boots. The suit fit me poorly, but was pretty comfortable, and the boots were pretty big, but not impossible to walk around in. Nelson knocked on the door, came in, and handed me my watch. It practically melded on my wrist. Weird. Then, Tora unbolted a brown metal door, on the far wall, and I walked out.




3 thoughts on “Chapter 16: Leaving

  1. I did not see that coming! What a plot turn! Very excited to see what happens next. Love the, “Goodbye, smelly purple T-shirt, goodbye, too-tight grey sneakers, goodbye, black shorts that were my favorite.” That’s so fun! Great work, Anna.


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