It’s been a long time since I’ve started Teraalin.  I am completely done with her story. I was fun. (:

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For a different point of view, I’ve decided to go to the Dark Side. Meet Nyx Scathia.

Nyx was born to a very wealthy and influential Sith Pureblood family on Dromund Kaas. Her family has all been powerful force sensitives. Nyx does not quite have the prejudice against aliens and non-sith like the rest of her family, as she had made friends with some of her family’s slaves. She had a Sith tutor since she was very young, so she was sent to Korriban much later than her siblings. Nyx was powerful, even for a pureblood. She has a very high opinion of herself, doesn’t think much of the Sith Emperor, and could care less about respecting her masters. She still loves to kill things, and is fairly sadistic, so she’s not light side. She cares a lot about her companions, and she’s come to regard them as family, moreso than her real family. (Chaotic Evil)


2 thoughts on “The End of a story, and the beginning of another…

  1. Anna, your plot prowess is mind-blowing! I don’t know how you’re able to create such cool, complex characters! Great job!


  2. I don’t really do much else with my life than sit down, think about the universe, and try to think how that would shape my characters. Plus, it’s just pretty important to me.

    Different question: Where are you guys currently? (:


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