Happy 4th! If you don’t get what’s going on, may I reference you to this chapter: https://annasumner.wordpress.com/2018/04/11/chapter-15-awakening/


Hostile. Must defeat hostile. Kazak squirmed and his face turned red.

“Jabra no’ct Pearl ti.” He gasped.

Suddenly, I had control of myself again. Memories and emotions flooded my brain. I no longer wanted to murder Kazak for harming InterTime.

“Sorry.” I nodded my head as a form of apology.

“None taken.” He wheezed.

Then after a while, he spoke in his normal voice, “For a girl, that was strong.”

“I’ll ignore that statement if you don’t repeat it.” I said, briskly.

“You know, Tampered version and normal clone version are not really that different.” Kazak mused. “You could stand to lighten up a bit.”

“Is this in any way relevant?” I asked, sharply.

“So, you only break into your other version when the words I say wear off. Obviously, I won’t be around in InterTime. I need some sort of device that won’t be spotted off the cuff, it will be noticeable if anyone decides to look at closely, but since those droid modified you, hopefully you look enough like a regular clone to not be further inspected.” He rambled.

“I don’t understand.” I said.

“Basically, I can’t have you doing something to hurt the mission, OK? You’re the one. The one that Naren tampered.”

“I know that. What mission?” I asked, feeling uninformed.

“You’re a double agent. You collect information about InterTime, and send it to me. I could have let you died.” he said, imitating my briskness.

“I wasn’t planning on refusing. What device exactly?” I pressed.

Kazak pulled out some tiny capsules from his pants pocket. “I got these a while back. Me and Naren created these, for you. They’re implants, designed so we can communicate, and to remind you of your true allegiance. Hold still.” He pulled out two tiny teardrop shaped objects. I winced as he stuck it in the skin next to my ear. “Ow.” I said. He did the same to himself.

“Goodbye”, he said. I knew nothing until I landed onto the cold, white floor of InterTime labs.

“Nice try, fake. Good thing you have a friend who’s helping you. ” I woke up to the face of Pearl 1, or Vanessa. “You look more like the others now, but for the fact you are on the floor, in a time-dazed state, I figure it was you.” She blinked. “and you got some new jewelry, too.” I was frozen. Kazak? I thought. “Drat!” I heard. Then it went dead. “Always disable unknown tech.” Pearl 1 mocked. I got up. I went into one of my fighting stances. “Bad clone.” Vanessa said. I fell back to the floor, frozen. “Follow me, or go back to the incinerator. Your choice.” She let me move my head. I shook my head. Then she let me move. I felt like I was reversing again. I didn’t have much time left. I followed her thru many hallways, corridors, and other working of InterTime. Then it opened into a roomy office. I was pointed to a chair. A very old fashioned chair.

“He prefers it designed after a twenty-first century office. Says they had the most important looking ones.” Vanessa sniffed. The chair swiveled around. The man had a serious face, but it had the hint of a smirk. His face looked ageless, but almost artificial. He had combed over red hair, and you couldn’t tell whether he was 40 or 60, or possible older. I had heard of such things as artificial face.

The man opened his mouth. “Where is my son?” He asked.



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