The End of a story, and the beginning of another…

It’s been a long time since I’ve started Teraalin.  I am completely done with her story. I was fun. (:

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For a different point of view, I’ve decided to go to the Dark Side. Meet Nyx Scathia.

Nyx was born to a very wealthy and influential Sith Pureblood family on Dromund Kaas. Her family has all been powerful force sensitives. Nyx does not quite have the prejudice against aliens and non-sith like the rest of her family, as she had made friends with some of her family’s slaves. She had a Sith tutor since she was very young, so she was sent to Korriban much later than her siblings. Nyx was powerful, even for a pureblood. She has a very high opinion of herself, doesn’t think much of the Sith Emperor, and could care less about respecting her masters. She still loves to kill things, and is fairly sadistic, so she’s not light side. She cares a lot about her companions, and she’s come to regard them as family, moreso than her real family. (Chaotic Evil)



Hey guys! I’m going to take a break, hopefully a short one. Thanks guys, for sticking around, and reading my story, you guys are really helpful. It’s been a year posting on my blog, I’m glad I didn’t quit, and hopefully I won’t. When I get back (maybe summer sometime?) I will up the the story production, probably twice a week so you and I don’t lose track, and anyway it’s fun to write. Thanks guys!

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Chapter 16: Leaving

*************************************Violet******************************************The door closed with a bang. I looked quizzically at Brianna. She marched me thru a dimly lit hallway. Tora and Nelson quickly followed behind. She waved her hand, and a metallic door slid open. A light flickered on. She sat me down on a grey bench. The room had a few cabinets, and bags filled with emergency supplies.

“What about my watch?” I asked, once more.

Tora leaned against the wall, her face so haggard for someone that could hardly be more than thirteen.”You should be happy to escape with your life.” She said, grimly.

I looked at Nelson, who stood at the end of my bench, and whispered, “What’s with her?” He looked nervously at me, and whispered back, “It’s complicated. You’ll be fine, though. She’s just upset.”

Brianna breathed a deep sigh. “Will you be willing to hear a  explanation?” she said, sitting down next to me. I nodded.

“Your mother used to be one of our most top agents. She was a bit too extreme and hot-headed for many of the other council members, but she got the job done.”

I interrupted. “My mom used to be an agent, for whatever this place is?” I said, a little wide-eyed.

“Yes. Her name was Naren, and she…went rogue. Long story short, we’re willing to help you. More correctly, I am. I used to work with her, and…she was interesting. Shocking, even at times, but she was a loyal co-worker and maybe even a friend.”

“My mom’s name was Naren? Not Noel? ”

“Some people like to change their names when they pick a new time to settle down in. Not that anyone done it recently, of course, but when time manipulation first was invented…” she stopped. “Ahem. The point is, I am going to help you by sending you away.” Brianna finished.

“Why? Where?” I asked, concerned.

“Wherever you want. The council and I reached a decision. If you leave, we won’t question your further actions. We won’t have to deal with you, and if you survive and find your mother, good for you and us. Otherwise, I’m sorry. Perhaps I’ll inform your mother of your demise. If she still cares about you.” Brianna said, staring at the ceiling.

I grimaced, sitting like a lump on the bench. She opened her eyes wide. I’ve got to go back. They will give you back your watch. If you hurt our operation in any way, you will be killed, no questions asked. Good luck. Tora and Nelson will escort you out.” She stood up and marched thru the door, closing it softly. Tora towered over me. For someone who could barely br thirteen, she sure was tall.

“Get up!” She snarled. “Please.” Said Nelson, blinking furiously. “How do I leave? Where should I go? Huh?” I yelled. Tora ungraciously threw me a pack from the corner. I had a bunch of labels, zippers and ties, and seemed to be of a stiff beige substance, like their clothes. Nelson spoke, “Isn’t that antique?” Tora glared at him, and he blinked faster, as if that was even possible. “It’s what we usually give prisoners, we hate tossing out supplies.” She flipped open the cabinet and handed me a mask. It was a breathing apparatus. It wrapped around your head in the back, and covered your eyes, mouth, and nose. Breathing was hard with it on, but I sounded cool. “Never take it off, or you’ll die of the terrible atmosphere we have outside.” Tora said briskly. She looked at my clothes. “Take those off. I’ll hand you a climate suit.” she said, even more briskly.

Nelson inched out of the room, shutting the door, and Tora assured me, if only slightly, that there was a law in place that they couldn’t harm there prisoners. Goodbye, smelly purple T-shirt, goodbye, too-tight grey sneakers, goodbye, black shorts that were my favorite. She tossed me a shapeless beige suit and some thick boots. The suit fit me poorly, but was pretty comfortable, and the boots were pretty big, but not impossible to walk around in. Nelson knocked on the door, came in, and handed me my watch. It practically melded on my wrist. Weird. Then, Tora unbolted a brown metal door, on the far wall, and I walked out.



Chapter 15: Awakening

I saw Pearl 99 wake up in Outer Time. She was on the floor, I having dropped her like a hot potato or a reality warping rock. Something seemed strange about her. Her eyes seemed even more cold then they used to be, like an average issue clone. I thought she was different, I guess I had just been holding out hope after Naren altered a clone for our last mission.  She had been created for a different purpose than as an InterTime lackey. A translator, a bridge between the outcasts and the company, well, more than that now. A government, military, everything rolled up into one. That clone would perhaps create enough of a gap, a diversion, for the outcasts to make their move. What that move was, I didn’t know. I hadn’t been informed. I didn’t know which clone it was, after Naren went rogue, it was hard to tell anything that was connected to her. Before she came back and ruined my life, me and several other agents (that weren’t Naren) had saved a few clones. At least the Pearl ones were the only ones in production. Cloning has been a very specific technology. But now, she looked normal. She hadn’t acted normal the last time we spoke, still unfriendly but displaying a lot of human traits. I was sure she was the one, but now, I wasn’t so sure. While I was inwardly monologuing, Pearl 99 sprung up. I wasn’t sure what she was going to do. I hoped she would ask questions, and perhaps she would reveal her true purpose, and I could get her back, somehow, to InterTime, and…I began to feel worse and worse. I had to leave.

“Don’t move.” I cautioned. Her eyes grew narrower, and she gave me a quick uppercut to the face. Ouch. Not the reaction I was hoping for. In fact, she was behaving like an average clone. Darn it. She kicked me in the shins.

“You have wronged InterTime.” She said, calmly. Ok. I was in trouble. And the head pain was about to start, for staying here to long. I flicked my fingers, everything began pulling and spinning. I didn’t want to leave her here, because there was a slight chance that, well, another ‘aberration of time’ could be created. Moments, perfectly preserved, of people, places, and things, moment when wars started, moments of families on picnics. Everything. I heard a gasp. And I felt a pain in my shoulder. Pearls hand was clenched on my shoulder. “Not possible.” Pearl said. “Oh, really?” I said, and went to a moment I had visited many times. Violet was sitting on a clear chair, in an old-fashioned looking room (around circa 2156 I think) with a council deciding her fate. “Jabra no’ct Pearl ti.” Pearl whispered, and her face relaxed. “Yess!!” I yelled. I quickly relayed plans. Half were from the document, the other half were invented on the spot by me. I would find some way to remind her always (a sort of device the replayed pictures of the Outcasts maybe?) of her origins and true loyalties. She, in turn, would give information to me, so I could come out of hiding and finally complete my mission, one agent gone of course. I wondered if they would even take me back. I hoped they trusted Violet at least. Even though her mother was who she was…

Pearl nodded after I relayed the information. She seemed different, lost in the moment. Intertime had tried to destroy her, it had clearly left its marks. As we left the moment, I noticed an icy look in her eyes, her face had hard lines in it. When we arrived back in outer time, she grabbed me by the neck with a tungsten grip…


Chapter 14: Transformation

*************************Pearl*******************************************************I woke up again. I was in a medical lab, that looked very familiar. It was where I was originally created. Or at least, realized I was alive. Two medical droids stared at me, with tiny unblinking green lights. They were medical remotes, designed for accuracy, and above all, secrecy. They didn’t seem very sympathetic to my plight. I was sitting in a comfy platform, in a sterile white room.  A shiny white cover was open above me, and one droid was scanning me, and the other droid was operating a console near my pod. The cover began to close. A brief wave of panic washed over me. I opened my mouth to speak. Then it was closed. I was apprehending the worst. Pearl spoke again, or Vanessa, whoever she was.

“Begin operations. I have programmed you with your duties. Try to ‘fix’ her, please. If not possible, at least get the data. Scrap her on my orders only.”

I squirmed. Why can’t they at least make me unconscious? To prevent damage, right. I was in stasis, now. I could feel a soft brace going around my head. I was fairly frightened, but none of it was new. When I was created. Same thing. Soon, the memory extracting device began.  It most ran by brain waves and pulses. It could, however, place questions and pictures in your head.

“Who have you met recently?” It asked. You couldn’t lie. However, loopholes are key.

I answered with a series of memories. Mostly of the two medical droids, and Pearl 1 herself.

“What do you know about time travel, or anything to do with the art of Tempus?”

And so on the ritual went. I think it was only the fact I had a higher ground of sentience (read, was completely sabotaged at creation) was the only way I could avoid the questions. A real clone would of given up the information at a moment’s notice. Finally, I heard Pearl 1 voice again,

“Go through her entire brain. I don’t care how much you destroy, as long as you get the information. We have recording of her entrance from the lab, so her compliance isn’t completely required. Of course, C.E.O. himself has all of the information. He just chooses not to share it with me.”

The pod opened. The two droids pulled of the brace. I was still stasised though. This was unnerving. I had no expectations of what would happen again. Suddenly, a bright light went off in my mind.

                                                Medical  Report:

                                             Subject: Pearl 99   

19:00 hours  Went through the base layer, did not destroy basic habits such as communication, moving, etc. NOTHING FOUND

19:02 hours Went through the mid layer. Found language evidence, extracted several sentences. That is all we could find that she had memories for.  Decided to remove all non-crucial memories. 

19:30 Complete, found words Kazak Ultimal and Violet. Nothing else can be found without destroying her, and rendering her useless. A change has been made, we have extracted their appearance as she tried to overwhelm the test with extreme amount of ….emotion, as found out by the brain pulses.  Extreme amounts that is a result of the change made by a outsider. Last attempt wiped as much as we can from her memory, and is now running the Intertime scan. 

20:08 Have significantly reduced emotions. Events will not trigger them, and logical conclusion will inadvertently be more desirable to her. She will denote them as foolish. The InterTime scan is complete. Subject now available. 

““Pearlesence 1 to Bio 25 and 26. I have read the data on InterTime’s tampered clone 99 (of the Pearl devison). She had been altered, but not fixed. You have buried her memories and all other cause of individual differences and sentience under a layer of InterTime’s original, controlled programming, but it has not been fixed. Her mind is too inflexible to reveal all of her secrets, and we can’t seem to get much, if any, of her information. The only thing I am pleased about is that you have lowered her emotional triggers and made her less resistant to InterTime ways. But that is not enough. I regret she will have to be disintegrated. Don’t worry, if in any way you are interrupted, it will still happen autonomously. Good day.” Pearl 1 called out.

The two droids pressed a button on the console.  A boy with a ragged blue t-shirt and fiery red hair came out of nowhere and destroyed the remotes, all making a tremendous amount of noise. “Friend or Foe?” I asked, weakly. Then, the gasses filled my pod. I knew nothing more.

Random Thoughts…

So, basically, I’m at an impasse. There is a lot of subjects I might want to write about, but my story take 1#. However, I am rarely inspired to write it, and I’ve been stuck at a sort of dead end. I have less time, also. All writing time cuts into my ‘free time’, so, I try to make it short. Not that I hate writing, it’s just I never have time to do it. Wednesday’s just a bad time, but I don’t want to write when I feel like it, or else I just won’t write anything at all, ever.

Reasons for not writing my story:

1# Plot/ending is complex the way I like it, however it’s hard to write that without writing out the whole thing at once…

2# Each chapter takes more than one hour to write, on a GOOD day. On a bad day, I mostly just want to play video games.

3# I love my characters, but they are too much to handle sometimes.

4# I hate taking away from the quality of the writing. I also hate contradicting myself, introducing characters or objects that aren’t fleshed out, or have any sort of plot holes. I also dislike making people confused, but I don’t like ruining the mystery, either.

That’s about it. Other ideas….

Here’s some of my writing pet peeves…

I dislike it when Villains are all powerful entities of evil without a motive than the fact they were created to be bad.

I also dislike when people are scared of using special invented terms because they would fear that people wouldn’t get their work. Example. “The dark elf girl forged a sword out of an magical iron-like substance. She named it ‘Death’s Edge’.” vs. “The tall, angular Faav’tha bent over her forge. Her eyes glittered as she pulled out the Quarite sword. Crying out in loud voice, “I call thee Favthen!” Even if you don’t learn what it means until later, it’s still a good habit. People just can look at a glossary.

Future Posts:

I was thinking of doing something like Ethan does with his Tipper Turnfield stories, only with Naren Kaye. (my Meldonia Character) She’s a street girl who despises the rich. I also was thinking about doing a paper on my favorite games, a post on How to Survive in The Sith Empire, a post on Staying in the Galactic Republic, and more about other SW stuff. I also want to continue my story, too, only…we’ll see. When I am more confident about it I will post more of it. I’m probably still going to stick to my wednesday schedule.

Star Wars, Knights of the Fallen Empire: The Teraalin Awakens…

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That’s what I’ve called that particular screenshot. Anyway, the name right there is one of the more recent expansions to SWTOR. It’s really good (story driven). The graphics also got an update. The upstairs computer can handle it, but the downstairs…not so much.

Anyway, here’s more screenshots: (mostly the reason I do this is because it’s really easy. And fun. Sorry to, I don’t know, overwhelm you)

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