A response to art

La belle ferronnière

What am I looking at?

A girl in a fancy red dress and a necklace. She is also wearing some jewelry on her head. Her hair is tightly pulled back and she is in a dark room.

How was it made?

It is an oil painting.

When was it made, and what was happening in the world at that time?

It was made in 1490-1496. During that time, Columbus discovered America.

What is it saying? What is its meaning to the artist, and to us now?

People have been  trying to figure out the ‘who’ and ‘why’ of this painting for a very long time. It was made by Leonardo da Vinci or one of his friends. The subject was a well to do Spanish girl, but besides that, nothing more is known.

Why did I choose this painting?

In one of my forgery books, I stumbled across this painting. I was intrigued by it because it was one of the lesser know Da Vinci paintings. The painting is very mysterious, so that is why the forgers chose it to copy because not much is known about it.