Part 7: In the warehouse.

I was tired of all of the mysteries, the millions of questions, the suspense. I was done. Kazak had not helped me. I was in a sort of warehouse, with lumps of tarp covered objects. This didn’t answer anything. I wished that I could remain to know nothing, even as I had these questions. Knowing nothing was better than continuing to live with more and more questions. I wished it was dark, and still, and I could remain still and not get caught. “Wishing won’t help.” I muttered to myself. “I’ve got to be tough,” I told myself. I was afraid of learning the answers, afraid that the answers were worse than the questions. I bit down on my tongue, hoping that the pain would dispel the fear. Then I decided to take action. I stood up with every inch of my five foot 2 inches and 109 pounds.  I slipped off my watch into my pocket, knowing if I showed it, people might want to take it, for some unknown reason. I was guessing time travel. Was time travel normal in this time period, I wondered. First things first.

I was going to answer one of my questions, at least. What was under those tarp like things? The lumps were a dingy white, they felt like a shiny, smooth laminated paper.  I seized the paper like tarp, and it tore easily. I smelled something interesting. Under the tarp was supplies, in thin metal boxes which had bold printed names on them. Some of the names were in English, others not. The first box said, Bread. I carefully opened the small box, which had a printed instructions on the lid. 100 count, use sparingly, add a drop of Yeoni to use. Lasts 24 hours.  Inside were prepackaged pellets, and a bottle of the Yeoni, which was labeled as an water-yeast-oil mixture. Shake to use, it said.  I spent far to long studying the box of instant bread. I stuffed a few pellets of it into my pocket and the bottle of a Yeoni. I broke open another container, which held something called VatDisent, which I found out purified water. The other boxes contained things to sleep on, heal wounds, (like that Laser and Scorch mark healing pad) gels to numb pains, something called stimulants which accented your skills, and even something which was classified as a defense shield and a weapon. I wished I had brought a backpack, some of this stuff would have have been useful.

Then, I heard a banging noise. I stood up, red in the face. I knew I wasn’t supposed to open those supplies. I heard whispering in a language I didn’t know. Then, I saw them. They were standing in front of the entrance of the now opened warehouse, shouting in aforementioned language.  They seemed to be both shocked and angry, and were screaming at each other and at me. I stood up, and put my hands into the air.

There was a girl and a boy, both scarcely old than I was. The girl had short, choppy, brown hair with a blue streak to it. She wore a threadbare baseball cap that was covered with dirt and mud, and when it was new it must has been purple but now it was a pale lavender.  She had an angry face which had a few purple bruises and a small cut on her chin, and brown, yellowish eyes. She wore a nondescript gray, long sleeved shirt and loose, baggy gray pants which ended halfway down her calf. Her legs were scarred and dirty. She also wore thick soled black boots, also covered in dirt. The boy was dressed a similar way, but minus the cap and his pants were down to his ankles.  He had brownish blond, raggedly cut hair, and a scarred face and watery blue eyes that looked more bewildered than angry. They both looked rather scrawny.

The boy had stopped shouting. He instead started toward me, but the girl stopped him. The force necessary to stop him seemed to take most of her strength, and she stopped her tirade to catch a breath. The boy and the girl both stared at me. I stared at them, not comprehending them in the slightest. Finally, the girl asked something that sounded like a question. I shrugged my shoulders. The girl whipped out something and fired at my slight movement. A bolt of energy shot out of the object with a loud cracking noise. Frightened, I dived, but luckily she had fired far away from me. The boy yelled and grabbed something out of her arm, which looked small and flashy. They both conversed in scared, intense tones. I huddled on the floor, terrified and trying to be as small as possible, trying not to get shot at again. As if on cue, both the boy and the girl looked quickly at me, and started up. They both walked towards me, the small, sliver, object held out by the girl. I dared not move. The boy jerked me up, using what seemed like every once of his energy. Then, the girl jabbed the silver object, which resembled a hard drive, under my chin. “Nakl dousint.” The girl whispered, menacingly. I looked at her with wide eyes, and the boy motioned for me to go forward. The boy walked behind me, fixing some thin metal bands around my hands, preventing me from moving them and they grew tighter and more painful the more I twisted my wrists. The girl walked besides me, frowning and digging the device deeper into my neck every time I winced. We walked toward the opening in this manner. I wondered where they were taking me, whether even if I would survive the next minute, if I would get punished for taking the supplies.


The Golden Watch

Here is where you can find all of the post I’ve written so far. I’ll keep editing it as the story progresses!

Chapter 1: The Watch

Chapter 2: Several Introductions

Chapter 3: Kazak and the Watch try  to explain

Chapter 4: Trapped!

Chapter 5: Kazak Arrives:

The Golden Watch: Part Four

Okay, here is where things really get going…

Chapter 4: Trapped!

I was stretched out on the floor somewhere. Every part of my body felt like it was tingling with energy. I sat up, and looked around me. At first, I had a million questions. I was about to get up when my watch flashed these words, “Do not get up.” I gritted my teeth at it, and stood up. It was the one who had sent me here in the first place.  I looked around. I was in a polished, gleaming, white room. You could see the sky right through the walls. And then the walls changed to opaque. The room smelled fresh and clean. In a glass case, I saw several strange outfits that looked like a light blue and white high-tech version of a swimsuit. Humming platforms zoomed over my head, and lots of exotic materials were on it. Containers of what resembled blue goo lined the shelf of the wall behind me. Yep, whenever the watch sent me, It was defiantly not in the early 21st century. Most likely. I could be on another planet for all I know. I took in all of this with amazement. Then, I spotted a girl, to the far back of the room, with long light blond hair done up in this weird style with a white ribbon. She turned her face closer and I realized it was Pearl! My gasped must have been too loud, however, for I received a shock from my watch, which showed the words, “We’re doomed.” Pearl concentrated on me. She opened her mouth wide, then shut it tight. “Good, Good.” Said the watch. “She is not going to report us to the supervisor, as she probably plans to exterminate us herself.” Pearl pressed a button near her head and smiled at us, a slow, nervous, smile. “I have a bad feeling about this.” I muttered under my breath. The watch replied, “You’d better.” Then, with a humongous lurch from my stomach, I felt myself distending into a large circular tube.



“Ahhhhh!” I screamed. Immediately I regretted it. If there was anything dangerous here, I had most likely aroused it. The glass doors opened into darkness. I had a sense of foreboding. To my surprise and relief, my watch started glowing. I wiped the sweat from my forehead, and suddenly, Pearl jumped out from the shadows. I took a deep breath, and asked, “What are we doing here? What do you want with me?” “You need to leave.” Pearl said bluntly. Then she said, “I’m sorry for being so rude, it’s just that it isn’t safe. To talk. InterTime wants your head.” “Why?” I asked. “Come,” she motioned, and I followed her down a long corridor. She darted into a cubicle and made a hand motion, and the door sealed behind us.

“If this is a trap, I’m going to not tell you anything.” I said, crossing my arms.

“I promise you, this is not a trap. If I wanted to report you to the authorities, I could have done so when you first arrived. It was a miracle that they didn’t spot you in the beginning.” Pearl whispered, her face still full of fear.

“Who?” I asked, although I had a pretty good guess.

“InterTime, of course. You landed straight into their headquarters. Why did you do that?”

“I didn’t do anything!” I denied hotly. “This watch has some sort of tracker system that pulled me here.”

“Tracker system?” She had the same reaction to the two deadly words as Kazak had.


So, that’s all for now! I am probably going to alternate between my story and other every Saturday. So next Saturday I’ll post something different. And the next one after that I’ll post more story.

Golden Watch: Part Three

Here’s the third installment. Tell me what you think of it!

Chapter 3: Kazak and the Watch try to explain

I made up my mind that whoever’s side he was on and whatever he was doing here didn’t matter. I had to help him. Somehow. I rolled him over. (which was not easy, since parts of him seemed to be made of metal) He was no doubt unconscious. He seemed to be holding his ribs. There was a bright red scorch mark on his chest. It looked really bad, but I wasn’t sure how to help. I got out our paltry first aid kit. It had some burn cream. That should do it. But as I was applying it he woke up and gritted his teeth. He grabbed something out of his pocket.

“Hello?” I asked. No use, he was out. The pouch that he held in his hand said Laser + Scorch mark healing pad.

“Hmm… this looks useful.” I flipped it over.

“How do I use this thing?” I grumbled. “For all I know, Kazak could be nearly dead.”

You asked for instructions for how to use Laser + Scorch mark healing pad? The watch asked. “Yes, that would be great.” I answered.

To begin, press the large red button on the center. Suddenly, a red button appeared. I pressed it.  Place the pad onto the wound sight and wait the prescribed time. “30 minutes” flashed the healing pad.

I spent the next half hour nervously. I added to my notes, “Kazak wounded.” When the healing pad flashed done I examined Kazak. He was still unconscious, but breathing. I tried shaking him. “What?” he said. “Good, you’re alive!” I said, relieved. “Thanks.” He said. “Since you did that, not that I couldn’t have done it myself, I think you deserve some answers.”

Oh yeah, I wanted to say. Instead I asked, “How does my mom know you? Why does she? Why is the watch so important?  I saw your cyborg arm, so that’s true. What can it do? How did you get it? What does the term ‘time flipper’ mean? And a bazillion more questions came pouring out.

“Hold on.” He said. “We may not have much time.”

He sighed and sat at the edge of my bed. “Well, I might as well tell you some of them, before time runs out. “I lost my arm, in a sense, in an accident. A very bad accident involving InterTime. ”

“Huh?” I said.

“Here, the watch will tell you more.”

I am a specially advanced, working time travel device, with many other functions. I was created by your mother. This is before…”

“Ok, that’s enough.” Kazak said. “The point is….”

“Wait a sec. I think there is something wrong with the watch.”

This girl Violet is smarter than I thought. The watch mused. Yes, there is several malfunctions in my core. Starting with my internal time measurement is 0.006 milliseconds off, there is a dent in my lower left  protection case, and the disguises option has corrupted.

“Hmm…the disguises are not working. This is a bad sign.”

Also, that sentient female who had handled me several hours ago installed some sort of tracking device.

I was about to say woah when I caught a glimpse of Kazak’s face, which was a pale white. “Did you just say the word ‘tracking device’? “Yes.” Flashed the watch.

“Discussion over!” yelled Kazak. “How do we disconnect you?” he muttered to the watch.

“What in the world is going on!” I said, confused. Kazak put the watch down and looked at me right in the eyes. “Listen. All you need to know right now is this: We need to destroy your watch as soon as possible. Why? Because there is certain people who are really, really, really want to know where you, me, and the watch is right now. And the combination of the most wanted people in the universe sitting conveniently in one room is like sending a dozen planetary alarms right now.”

He picked up the watch again. He placed it in the middle of my floor. Kazak took off his jacket, exposing his cyborg arm. He pointed at the watch and said, “Begin disintegration mode.” I shouted and grabbed the watch and held it behind my back. “Violet, are you insane? Move!” he screamed. A moment later, there was a giant hole in my wall.  “I know you said you wanted to destroy it, but I couldn’t let you destroy it. My mother said I should trust you, but, why should I? All these preposterous ideas, you’re just making them up. You’re going to have to prove all of this.”

After I had finished my little rant, Kazak groaned and said, “I think your watch should be all the proof you need.” Hmmph… I thought, but said nothing. The watch began to glow red and say Target acquired. “Okay, now I’m nervous.” I said, half wanting for Kazak to try to disintegrate it again. “Don’t touch it! Put it down!” he shrieked. I was about to do just that when the room began to spin. I put my hand forwards, trying to rebel against the pressure that seemed like it wanted to tear me apart. There was a blinding flash of light and a queer smell. Then, there was nothing.


The Golden Watch: Part 2

So, If you are intrested, I am writing more about the adventures of Violet.

Chapter 2: Several Introductions

I headed downstairs, wondering about that strange file. What was going on? I went outside to think. Then, the neighbor girl came outside, the same girl I had seen looking out of the window this morning. “Uggg…” I moaned. I had half a mind to dart inside, but she might go away after she found out what a unintresting person I was. I have never been what you might call a people person. My mother had always used to say that I should be more outgoing, less cold and indifferent. But after the accident, I just didn’t feel like it. I didn’t have time for silly girls who did their nails and wore makeup and all that stuff, and she sure seemed like one of those girls.

“Hello.” Said the neighbor girl with a condescending air.

“Hello yourself.” I grumbled, immediatly disliking her tone. “I’m Vanessa Jane White.” She said, like she was the Queen of England or something. “I’m Violet.” I said.

She looked at me quizically, and said, “What book is that?”

“Around the world in 80 days. By Jules Verne. A classic.”

” So what do you do beside reading?” Vanessa asked, in a voice that meant ‘I-bet-you-do-nothing-else’. “Nothing much.” I mumbled.

She was about to leave when she spotted my watch. Her eyes lit up, and she said, “May I see that?” I tried to hide it, but her hand was already reaching out. I was getting really bad vibes from her. She wasn’t just a selfish girl, she seemed a little creepy too. “I’ll trade you for it.” That was it. I headed for the door, but the watch was already in Vannesa’s hands. I lunged for it, but she cheerily handed it back with a smile, “Ok, you can have your precious watch back.” She walked away primly to the door.

Had I been overeacting? I asked myself. She was probaly a nice girl, and I just freaked out for no reason, I told myself glumly. But then I took out my watch, and realized that, no, I had not been overreacting.

The watch was glowing an unearthly green color. I looked for a way to shut it off, but then it just darkened and the second hand kept going around and round, faster and faster. Then I noticed a tap on my shoulder. I nearly jumped out of my skin! “Who are you?” I asked loudly. This was Vannesa’s friend. Her hair was a light yellow that was almost white, her face was pale, and her eyes seemed worried. “What’s wrong?” I asked the girl. She shifted from one foot to the other. “Ummm…something’s very wrong.” “What is?” “Can you fix it?” she asked. She pointed to the watch. “I’ll try.” I said. “What’s your name?” “Pearl….” she whispered. When I turned around, she was gone.

I stayed up practically all night worrying. My watch didn’t seem fixable. Sometimes it would stop glowing for a second, then it would start ticking a lot faster than it was supposed to. I examined the back. It said, “Made in Jabra Gracter. “What even is that?” I said to myself, quietly. I searched it up on the Internet. Not surprisingly, there was no results. There had been so many strange things going on today. They were all connected to this watch. Was it dangerous? I stared at it. Yes. Very. “Ahhh!” I screamed. “You can talk!?” Obviously. Even a time primitive such as yourself should have been able to figure that out. After that the room seemed to spin and before I knew it, I was out.

I woke up the next morning with a bad headache. An idea came to mind. I took out my notepad and started to write. “Hmmm….”

Events leading up to now:

  1. Vanessa laughing at me, and her friend Pearl looking nervous.
  2. I brought box upstairs
  3. Watch discovered. In running order.
  4. Note from Mom.
  5. Case file about a boy named Kazak Ultimal
  6. Vanessa harms my watch.
  7. Pearl warns me about something…
  8. And, lastly, watch talks.


Your notes are good, even if you don’t have all the information. Maybe you are less of a novice… The watch turned off suddenly. I was aware of a sharp blast of wind. I jumped back, and a boy that looked about my age staggered in.

“Help…sorry for disabling your device…everything is messed up…” he whispered weakly. He fell onto the carpet. I gasped. “One more thing, before I pass out. My name is Kazak…” and then he fainted. I knew who he was.  Kazak Ultimal. Was he my enemy or my friend? Only time would tell.

The Golden Watch: Part I

I just thought I would like to share the first part of my story with everyone. Enjoy!

If you have any tips or suggestions, they would be very, very, very helpful.

Chapter I: The Watch

My name is Violet

“Hmmm…” I mumbled as I finished the Secret Garden. I reached over to take another book from the stack beside my bed. Suddenly, I heard something. I looked out my window. But it was nothing really. Just the neighbor girl talking with her friend. I disliked her the moment I first saw her. She was tall and thin, with long blond hair and flashing green eyes. She had a way of looking down on people that made me most dislike her. I watched her friend. She seemed nervous. I wondered why. Then the neighbor girl pointed at me and giggled. I frowned and pulled down my blinds. I had some studying to do. I grabbed a book from the stack and started reading.

Three and a half hours later, I stumbled downstairs for dinner. The house echoed with my footsteps. I looked around and saw Dad unpacking. There was row and rows of boxes on the floor. “Did the moving truck come?” “Yeah, it came a few minutes ago.” Said Dad. “What’s for dinner?” I asked. “I ordered a pizza. Here, bring this box up to your room.” It was a plain, brown carboard box. Nothing special, I thought. “What’s in here?” I asked. “Oh, just some of your mother’s things. She was going to give them you when you turned sixteen. But I guess you can have it now.” I headed upstairs to my room, wondering what in the world could it be.

I slit open the box with my pocket knife and coughed from the thick layer of dust. (Most girls don’t carry a pocketknife wherever they go, but again, I’m not like most other girls)

I brushed of the first item. It was a book. Around the world in 80 days. My mom had always loved to read, and Jules Verne was a personal favorite of hers. Next was a bunch of dried flowers, a few odd trinkets, and then I reached for a small black box. It took a while to scrub the dust off. There was a symbol on the cover that I couldn’t understand. It was a clock inside a planet with three rings around it. Underneath it, in very fancy lettering, was the word InterT…. the rest had faded away. I flicked open the velvet box and gasped at the brightness inside. It was an old-fashioned watch, probably sometime you’d see in antique shops.  But the strange thing was, it looked brand new. The gold was still as shiny as the day it was made, the silver parts untarnished, and every little diamond in its place. I put it on, and then a note slipped out.

It said, Violet, never let anyone take this watch from you. Ever. Don’t trust anyone with it. Except, well. I don’t know if he is still alive, but a boy that has red hair and always wears a blue faded shirt with a picture of Nicola Tesla on it. You can always count on him….

Love, Mom.


“Woah, with that note, I guess I’ll put it on right now.” I said, still shocked from the letter, The floorboards creaked. Dad… I thought. But there was no one there. “Weird.” I said to myself. The rest of the box was empty. Or so I thought. I shook it upside-down to see whether there was anything else. A thick piece of cardstock fell to the floor. It was a file with a boy’s picture on the front. The boy on the picture smirked at me. He looked confident. His shirt was a faded blue and had a picture of Nicola Tesla on it.  “This is that boy Mom said I should trust.” I muttered. The top said, WANTED. But the rest was in some strange foreign language I couldn’t quite decipher.

“Hmmm….” I said aloud. I went to Google translator. No such luck, as it didn’t seem to be any known language. I thought for a while, then went through a mental list of all codes and ciphers. Nope. I then opened Word. In about five seconds, I found it. “Yes!” I screamed. “But who in the world uses Wingdings for a language?” I asked. Oh well, here it is:


Subject Name: Kazak Ultimal.

Crime: Disrupting the flow of space and time, also purposely and accidentally changing moments in the past, present, and future.

Status: Missing. Please report to InterTime Corporation if you have any information.

Age: 15 human years

Reward: 10,000 MiliShards

Notes: Cyborg. Has a tendency to ‘flip’ through time. Disabling Gun needed.

My head spun. What in the world did any of this mean? The flow of space and time? He’s a cyborg? I put the file back into the box and tightened the watch on my wrist.