Wild Horses!

We were biking through the dunes when we came upon a group of wild horses! They were grazing and there was this little Colt who was running and jumping and neighing. He was really cute! The horses weren’t scared of us at all. It is truly an amazing thing to see horses in the wild.



  • On Thursday, we went Geocaching! Geochaching is basically a form of treasure hunting with your phone as the map. People hid boxes with tradable items and logbooks, and when you find them, you sign your name. If you see anything interesting for trade, you trade it for an item of equal value. One time, we had to go thru the woods to find the ruins of a stone house. The logbook was hidden in the tree next to the house! That was fun.

Anyways, yesterday we did two. The first one was hidden under a tree, but water had seeped into the box, making the contents damp and dirty.  The second one was actually a large nail stuck in a post. Luckily, we knew what we were looking for, otherwise it would have been extremely hard!

Have you ever been Geochaching? If not, I definitely recommend it!

Bikes and Waterparks

Yesterday, we went to a waterpark. Now it was less of a waterpark and was more like several pools and a water slide, but you get my gist. Unfortunately, you need a license to swim in Holland, so we were stuck to ‘everyone who has failed the test pool’. It was not fun. The water slide was fun though.

On a lighter note, we got bikes today! Mine is called the Gazelle, Ethan’s the Eagle, and Mommy’s and Daddy’s are called Holiday bikes. It will be so fun to ride around like almost everyone else in the country!

P.S. Next week, London!