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The Golden Watch Chapter 11: Tampered

(Sorry guys! I wrote this on Wednesday, but forgot to publish. Sorry! )


“Pearl 99.” The voice repeated again. It was a girls voice, sounding exactly like mine.

“You speak English?” I asked, curiously.

“Of course. That is your language. There is no other language that you should know. However, InterTime corporation calls it Basic.”

I still couldn’t see her. I craned my neck. Nothing. Oh. It must be coming from some sort of voice transporter.

“Pearlescent 99, the diplomacy model made to bridge the gap between citizens and our lovely company InterTime. You also are equipped for many other tasks. Basic is the only language you need to know. I know you were only created yesterday, so you haven’t had time to learn a new language. Tell me, what language do you persist in telling me that you know instead.”

The voice was mine, but had a veiled facade of anger.  I decided to answer her in the language I knew best.

“Jabra no’ct Pearl ti.” (I speak the language of the lost.)

Blinding lights hit me in the face. A person walked in the room. Even with my enhanced sight, I could barely see her. “You poor dear. You must be very confused. Cohorting with criminals, doing tasks that you are so very unequipped for, ruining time…” She spoke condescending to me. “You haven’t had time to learn anything about the proper rules. Instincts are all you know, and being tampered with at creation never helps.”

The lights went out, then turned back on so I could see the person. Her features were exactly like mine, but perhaps crisper, and she had her light blond hair curled, reaching down to her waist like most upper class members of InterTime. She wore a variation of my outfit, except for having her titles and rank emblazoned on her uniform. “Especially being tampered with by one of InterTimes most wanted criminals; even worse that that deadly monster that you were ‘communicating’ with earlier.”

“Who?” I asked.

“An outcast agent who went missing seventeen years ago. Her name is Naren Aurum. Know her?” The girl stared at me, a small smile on her face.

“I don’t know about anything! As you stated, I was only born yesterday! Who even are you?” I said, terrified.

“You’d know me as Vanessa.” she revealed.

“Why did you do that to the past? What are you doing? Why are you ruining my life?” I screamed.

“Why would I tell you? You won’t know a thing after the others are done with you. In fact, after they have everything you know, you’ll be disintegrated like many of the other, well, defected ones.”

She wave goodbye with a little wave and a giggle, then the lights went out. I stood there, not sure what to do. I tried to move, and horrifically, I found out that I couldn’t. I was in stasis. An invisible force pushed against me, most likely controlled by Vanessa. I fell to the ground, flat. Was I going to die? My anxiety level rose. A platform, one that I couldn’t see, zoomed me off. Suddenly, I felt something in my head, and I blacked out.

“Good. She’ll be taken to the ward for processing.” was the last thing I heard.


Golden Watch Part 10: The Outcasts


I was pushed outside. The bright light stung my eyes. I was practically blinded. Then a sharp burst of pain, from that boy twisting my wrists, forcing me to move forward. I march quickly, with the two other…children? Teenagers? Sand crunched under my feet. When I finally came to my senses, I gasped. The sun was terribly bright, yet it wasn’t more than seventy or seventy-five degrees. The place looked like a wasteland, brown hard dirt and sand everywhere, no sign of trees. There were doors, assumedly leading underground, that said, bunker a, bunker b, etc. English, so these people did speak english. Or at least they could write it. I was about to say something when the girl whispered thickly into my ear, “No talking.” I was baffled, but decided to keep observing. There was junk everywhere, makeshift tents, what looked like mechanical devices. One said, Shield generator. The people there looked lost. Forlorn. They had all manners of faces. Some were even cyborgs like Kazak. Some talked in that strange language. Some fixed items with the help of…robots? They wore much like the clothes the girl and the boy did. Baggy tan or grey pants, same color shirts, some wore jackets with faded letters on them. None seemed to look at us, which was odd. I was so absorbed in my surroundings that I scarcely noticed the dull grey building in front of us. It said, Center Hall.

They opened a thick metal door, momentarily letting go of me as they pulled the heavy door open. Then, they resumed their previous position to lead me in, and closed the door shut. They led me down a hall with many adjoining doors, and stopped at the last one. The girl whispered something at the door, and it opened. I didn’t get a chance to look in closer, for the boy suddenly whipped out a sort of blindfold. I wanted to bolt, but the girl stuck that laser thing in my neck, so there was this black rubber-like thing that adhered to my face, preventing me from seeing. I blindly stumbled into the room, and down onto a bench. The boy unhooked the chains from my hands, and I rubbed my wrists. I could hear their footsteps walking away from me. I sat, dumly. What should I do? Before I could think any more, a voice interrupted my thoughts. It spoke in the same dialect the girl and the boy spoke. It sounded old, but authoritative. Why didn’t anyone speak English? I thought. I blinked. Well, at least I could do that. I could hear murmuring of other voices, both male and female. I could occasionally hear tapping and clicks, like someone was working a device. Sometimes it was quiet. Then, something happened. A firm hold was grabbed on my hand, and it pulled the watch off! I yelled, “No!”

The room went quiet. It stayed quiet. Then a kindly voice said,

“Who is she?”


Look Away (A Star Wars Prequel Parody)

This is just a goofy idea based on my two current interests (Star Wars, and the Series of Unfortunate Events) so yeah.

Episode I: The Phantom Menace

Look away, look away
Look away, look away
Some Jedi find a little kid who has some important powers,
Meetings on Corusant last until the small hours,
They fight an evil sith with a lot of tattoos,
There’s not much in this movie I can excuse…
Just look away,
Look away—
There’s nothing but politics and boringness on the way
Ask any stable royalty, “Should I watch?” and they will say:
Look away.
Look away, look away.
Look away, look away.
Look away, look away.
Look away, look away.

Episode 2: Attack of the Clones

Look away, look away
Look away, look away
The aforementioned kid has turned into a jerky teen,
He likes the girl who he hasn’t seen since she was fourteen,
Obi-wan solves a strange puzzle that’s about clones,
While watching this movie, there’s sure to be a lot of groans…
Just look away,
Look away—
There’s nothing but anger issues and cheesiness on the way
Ask any stable clone, “Should I watch?” and they will say:
Look away.
Look away, look away.
Look away, look away.
Look away, look away.
Look away, look away.
Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith
Look away, look away
Look away, look away
Palpatine tells Ani a lot about the dark side,
Fears about losing Padme make him commit homicide,
We polled a bunch of Jedi, 99% agree,
There must be something less violent for you to see…
Just look away,
Look away—
There’s nothing but murder and confusion on the way
Ask any stable sith*, “Should I watch?” and they will say:
Look away.
Look away, look away.
Look away, look away.
Look away, look away.
Look away, look away.
*There are none. 


Part 9: Outside of Time


After an excruciating journey, I landed on the floor….hold on. Not a floor. More like ground, but not. Footing. I observed the familiar place, and half of me was relieved see nothing had changed. The other half wished that things were different. There was light, but it didn’t come from anywhere. It just was. The light glowed enough to see I was standing on nothing, like there was just resistance holding me up from falling into what dark abyss I was in. It wasn’t a room, just a place where light came and showed there was nothing. No moon, stars, earth, grounds, civilization. Just light, filtering in thru the darkness. I felt the feeling I normally got every time I entered this place. The feeling of being near a power that could almost kill you, like being too close to a hot fire. But I relished the power, for I had been long without. I was in Outer Time, a place that was everywhere and nowhere at the same time.

After I arrived I do what I normally do, and almost what everyone does when they come to a place where they can’t leave: think. Pearl called me a freak, which shouldn’t get to me as I’ve been called much, much, worse, and usually shrugged it off with a smirk. It was kind of ironic, her calling me that. But it was true nonetheless. I then shifted to another person of greater importance, Violet. Violet was interesting, certainly. I hoped I had helped her. I wasn’t the best judge of character, but she wanted her mother more than anything. I had seen the note given to Violet, and was surprised that her mother would lie to her like that. Friends? FRIENDS? Not quite enemies, but almost. Violet was the one of the only things her mom cared about. I was useful, certainly, but nothing more. But I had lied to her just as much, if not more.

A sharp jolt broke off my thoughts. I should leave soon, I thought.

(It’s a short mini-chapter this week)

Part 8: From a different point of view


I looked around quickly. Normally I noticed things fast, enough to react to all of the strange things that went on at InterTime, but right now I was flabbergasted. “You did what?” I said to Kazak. “Who is missing right now?” Kazak smirked.

“You little…I can report you, don’t forget that.”

“You wouldn’t dare, because that would end your job, and possibly your life. So yeah.” he replied.

Ugg. He was right. Very right.  I decided to go with something less accusatory. “Where did you take her? I don’t have a single device on me, and neither do you, you freak of nature!”

“You really warmed up to 21st century English, didn’t you. Your translator must be having a ball.” Kazak replied, smoothly.

“I don’t have a translator, unlike some cyborgs I could mention. I am 100% human. Wait you are avoiding the question.” I hastily fired.

“Reused human, you mean. And very smart, indeed. Those organic scientists really know what they are doing these days.  Built in translators, a logical fallacy detector, or whatever they are called when they aren’t implants. Very impressive. I remember when human sciences first came out. They made quite a stir with people who had morals. Such as altering babies…” Kazak rambled on, smugly, still avoiding the question.

“Stop talking about ancient history. Talk about now.” I almost yelled.

“For someone who is so worried about getting caught, you are letting your emotions get away with you. You aren’t like the others. ” Kazak remarked.

I shut my mouth, half realizing that Kazak was right, half of it was because the familiar urge in my brain commanded me to. I had to return to normal, to remain calm like I should, to report this to InterTime immediately… Wait. No. I shook my head in frustration, but said nothing.

“You aren’t like the others.” Kazak said again. “Why?”

The question hung in the air, like a 404 error message hung on a screen.  “That was a stupid allegory.” I muttered to myself, then recoiled at the fact I was speaking English. Ancient history or not, I was speaking it. I stood up straight, and eyed Kazak. I said slowly and clearly, each word pronounced to the best of my ability, “If you want answers about me, you are going to have to tell me where Violet is, and why you can manipulate time like that.”

“Fine. Violet is somewhere on a track to learning where her mother is. That’s all I can say.” He answered, his voice oddly shaking.

My face drained. “The Outcasts?” I said, queasy.

He nodded. “It was they first thing I thought of, and anyway, they won’t kill her. Most likely not, anyway.”

“They are the villains.”

“To you, maybe.” He turned away, leaving before I could get a word in. Just vanishing. It’s possible I could never see him again. How does he do that, I wondered. Again, recoiling. Even my thoughts were in English. I heard noises outside the room.

“No!” I yelled, before I could catch myself. Any moment they could come barreling in here. I was lucky that I chose a mental blocking, virtually communication free room. But people could still enter the normal way. The noises came closer.

“Pearl 99.” A voice said.